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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Translating and the translation is 13% complete.
Outdated translations are marked like this.

我们使用 TranslateWiki 页面翻译 功能将 Gentoo Wiki 翻译成其他语言。它通过一个 gettext 风格的消息系统将一篇文章分割成多个便于翻译的文本块。

There are specific instructions for translating the handbook.



Before a page can be translated, mark the translatable sections. In most cases, that is the whole article.

将一个部分放置在 <translate> XML 标签中即可标记它为可翻译,像这样:

CODE 将一篇文章标记为可翻译
我们使用 [ TranslateWiki 页面翻译] 功能将 Gentoo Wiki 翻译成其它语言。
它通过一个 gettext 风格的消息系统将一篇文章分割成多个便于翻译的文本块。

另外,使用 <languages /> 标签将语言选择栏添加至文章顶部:

CODE 添加语言选择栏
&lt;languages /&gt;
我们使用 [ TranslateWiki 页面翻译] 功能将 Gentoo Wiki 翻译成其他语言。它使用一个 gettext 风格的消息系统将一篇文章分割成多个便于翻译的文本块。

All internal links should be represented by {{Link}} template:


CODE Changing links to use {{Link}}
Visit the [[Main Page]]


CODE Changing links to use {{Link}}
Visit the {{Link|Main Page}}

The link template may also accept a label to show as text in place of the actual page name. Original:

CODE Changing links to use {{Link}}
[[Help:Translating|help on translating]]


CODE Changing links to use {{Link}}
{{Link|Help:Translating|help on translating}}

Links to sections, that used square bracket links should also use the link template instead:

CODE Changing links to use {{Link}}
Visit the [[Portage#Usage|using Portage]]
CODE Changing links to use {{Link}}
Visit the {{Link|Portage|section=#Usage|using Portage}}

This allows for direction to the translated page if it exists or the main article if it does not. This is dynamic as new pages are created with less work after translations are completed.

Additionally, sections should be tagged like {{Anchor|{section name in English}}} so any hash references are equal between languages. These are NOT to be translated on subsequent languages. An alternative name for the anchor may also be used in place of the section name, particularly in abnormally long or those with non-alpha characters. When using an alternative name, the Link section must point to this Anchor.



完成上述过程(添加 languages 和 translation 标签)后,该页面会自动列在翻译页面。管理员或首席翻译会检查文章质量并批准或拒绝请求。请务必密切关注讨论页面,它将会被用来讨论请求被拒绝的原因。

Translation tags

Once a page has been marked for translation, "translation tags" will automatically be added to appropriate elements of a page by the Translate extension. These tags take the form <--T: 15-->. These tags pertain to the internal workings of the extension, and are not for use by editors.

Do not create or edit these tags. If a paragraph is to be modified, just modify the content and leave the tags in place. When completely deleting a paragraph, delete its translation tag at the same time. When moving the paragraph within the page, keep the tag with the content.

When adding new paragraphs to a page, do not "hand craft" translation tags, just add the content without translation tags. Modifications to the article will have it show up in the Page translation list, and from there changes be reviewed and the page can be marked for translation again, which will add translation tags to the new sections.

For long sections of output in block level layout elements, such as FileBoxes or CodeBoxes, whitespace may be added to any empty lines so that the entire output will be treated as a unique translatable section. Otherwise each section separated by an empty line would be split into separate paragraphs, each with an individual translation tag.


当您完成任务,或不是该语言的第一名翻译者时,请将您自己添加至 Gentoo_Wiki:Translator_account_requests

To translate articles for a new language, please start by translating this help page in user space. Go to the user page for the account requesting to become a translator, and in the URL bar, add a slash and the name of the new page, as such: "/User:Larry/Translating_Esperanto". Click the "create this page" link, and publish the new translation there. When requesting a translator account, link to the new translation.


  • Chinese (中文)
  • Croatian (hrvatski)
  • Czech (Český jazyk)
  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • French (français)
  • German (deutsch)
  • Greek (ελληνικά)
  • Italian (italiano)
  • Korean (한국어)
  • Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Japanese (日本語)
  • Polish (polski)
  • Portuguese (português)
  • Portuguese (português do Brasil)
  • Russian (русский)
  • Spanish (español)
  • Serbian (српски)
  • Ukranian (українська мова)


Before starting translation work, consider if an article has changes that are not marked for translation. If at the top of an article it says "This page has changes since it was last marked for translation", then only an "outdated" version will be available for translation. Contact an admin or lead-translator to request that an article be reviewed and marked for translation.



Those who are promoted to a lead translator, also have access to translate messages for templates.



NEW! 这些模板需要更改, 它们会自动显示译文.

如果缺少你的语言,或想翻译其他语言,请联系wiki 项目


对某些语言,没有可用的 ISO 639-1 语言代码。请使用下列代码替代:

For some scripts, there is no usable ISO 639-1 code. These exceptions are used instead:

替代代码 语言
zh-cn 简体中文