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19 January 2022

     19:31  Flicker Free Boot‎‎ 3 changes history +253 [Maffblaster‎ (3×)]
19:31 (cur | prev) +109 Maffblaster talk contribs Finish article revisions. Remove second person writing.
19:24 (cur | prev) +80 Maffblaster talk contribs Article cleanups. Lots of rewording to wiki Guideline standards. WIP...
19:11 (cur | prev) +64 Maffblaster talk contribs Remove Deletion candidate since this article has been cleaned of pastebin references. Start article cleanup process.
     19:15  Talk:Flicker Free Boot diffhist +407 Maffblaster talk contribs We will keep this article since significant improvement efforts were made from the community. Someone needs to make a decision on this article.
     19:03  (Deletion log) [Ulm‎; Maffblaster‎]
19:03 Maffblaster talk contribs deleted page Nosh(Project seems dead or moved. Domain expired for homepage and software not available in Gentoo.)
16:39 Ulm talk contribs deleted page Project:Lisp(content was: "{{Project |Name=Lisp |Description=The Lisp project handles Lisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree. | |Packages=No |IRC=#gentoo-lisp |ParentProject=Project:Gentoo |PropagatesMembers=No }} The Gentoo Lisp project handles Lisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree. This includes Common Lisp and Scheme implementations, applications and libraries. The project will also maintain Lisp unrelated ebuilds. Join us in our IRC channel, [irc://irc.gentoo...")
     19:00  Project Talk:Android diffhist +329 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎Android - Dominant Operating System Market Share: Reply and close... waiting for Rage to become a Gentoo developer.
     18:58  Project:Android diffhist -4 Maffblaster talk contribs Minor formatting adjustment.
     18:57  Android/Root‎‎ 2 changes history +86 [Maffblaster‎ (2×)]
18:57 (cur | prev) +10 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎See also: Use see also template.
18:57 (cur | prev) +76 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎External resources: Add Rage's current WIP.
     18:35  Gentoo Wiki talk:Guidelines diffhist +192 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎ISO8601 dates: Reply and close. Suggestion has been implemented one month from start of discussion.
     18:32  Gentoo Wiki:Guidelines‎‎ 3 changes history +663 [Maffblaster‎ (3×)]
18:32 (cur | prev) +10 Maffblaster talk contribs Fix formatting.
18:30 (cur | prev) -96 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎Use ISO 8601 for dates and time representation: Revise statement.
18:29 (cur | prev) +749 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎Formatting: New section: Use ISO 8601 for dates and time representation.
     18:07  User:Maffblaster/tmp diffhist +50 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎GenericCmd tripleclick enhancement: Add test Line template link.
 m   18:05  Gentoo Wiki:Project page migration status diffhist -17 Grknight talk contribs Unlink Lisp
 m   18:04  User:Rage diffhist -45 Grknight talk contribs Fix links - Lisp is gone and Stage1 should be direct
     17:22  Gentoo Cheat Sheet‎‎ 6 changes history +666 [Maffblaster‎; Needle‎ (2×); Jacob‎ (3×)]
17:22 (cur | prev) +83 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎Install a specific version: Remove second person language. Use the emerge template. Other editing adjustments.
11:13 (cur | prev) -3 Needle talk contribs →‎Layman: How many layman warning do you want to have in this article, it is double layman thingy in here
11:09 (cur | prev) -3 Needle talk contribs →‎layman: No warning needed, it is a Note
09:00 (cur | prev) +64 Jacob talk contribs
08:59 (cur | prev) -1 Jacob talk contribs
08:57 (cur | prev) +526 Jacob talk contribs
     17:22  /etc/portage/package.mask diffhist 0 Maffblaster talk contribs →‎See also: Remove unnecessary underscores from links.
     16:47  (User creation log) [Suk‎; PAUL007‎]
16:47 User account PAUL007 talk contribs was created ‎
13:27 User account Suk talk contribs was created ‎
     13:59  Intel‎‎ 3 changes history +250 [Suk‎ (3×)]
13:59 (cur | prev) +250 Suk talk contribs →‎Troubleshooting
13:56 (cur | prev) -254 Suk talk contribs →‎Screen flickering
13:36 (cur | prev) +254 Suk talk contribs Kernel option to remove screen flickering
     11:07  Lenovo Thinkpad T495‎‎ 4 changes history +837 [Needle‎ (4×)]
11:07 (cur | prev) +1 Needle talk contribs →‎Unresolved Issues: Rename
11:05 (cur | prev) +114 Needle talk contribs →‎AMDGPU always on 100%: more words
10:52 (cur | prev) +133 Needle talk contribs →‎AMDGPU always on 100%: fixes
10:30 (cur | prev) +589 Needle talk contribs Adding unresolved issues
 m   09:28  KDE diffhist +14 ASturm talk contribs KDE Plasma 5.23.5 stable for amd64 and x86
N    06:05  Google Summer of Code/2022/Mentors‎‎ 2 changes history +735 [Alicef‎ (2×)]
06:05 (cur | prev) -38 Alicef talk contribs →‎Contacts list
06:05 (cur | prev) +773 Alicef talk contribs Created page with "=== Contacts list === If you wish to mentor Gentoo GSoC projects add yourself here. Please add the projects you would like to mentor and your contact person/address. Someone..."
N    06:04  Google Summer of Code/2022/Application Guidelines diffhist +4,598 Alicef talk contribs Created page with "This guide is intended to be read by anyone who is interested in applying to Gentoo in the Google Summer of Code. Interested students need not be Gentoo developers; anyone who..."
N    06:04  Google Summer of Code/2022/Rules diffhist +4,956 Alicef talk contribs Created page with "== Rules for Google Summer of Code with the Gentoo Foundation == === Before you start === Gentoo has the following rules for the Google Summer of Code participants. You are r..."
N    05:54  Google Summer of Code/2022/Ideas‎‎ 2 changes history +4,747 [Alicef‎ (2×)]
05:54 (cur | prev) 0 Alicef talk contribs
05:53 (cur | prev) +4,747 Alicef talk contribs Created page with "GSoC 2021 logo __NOEDITSECTION__ Want to spend your summer contributing full-time to Gentoo, and get paid for it? Gentoo i..."
     05:54  Google Summer of Code diffhist +98 Alicef talk contribs
N    05:52  Google Summer of Code/2022‎‎ 2 changes history +2,102 [Alicef‎ (2×)]
05:52 (cur | prev) -57 Alicef talk contribs →‎Team members Tag: Visual edit: Switched
05:52 (cur | prev) +2,159 Alicef talk contribs Created page with "__NOTOC__ <div style="width:57%; padding-right: 3%; float: left;"> == GsoC 2022 with Gentoo == GSoC 2022 logo Welcome to..." Tag: Visual edit: Switched
 m   03:55  Talk:Raspberry Pi diffhist +230 Jlpoole talk contribs Added System-in-Package
     01:35  User:Needle‎‎ 6 changes history +121 [Sam‎ (6×)]
01:35 (cur | prev) -3 Sam talk contribs →‎Configuration: Typo fix
01:35 (cur | prev) +54 Sam talk contribs Add more missing </pres>
01:34 (cur | prev) +6 Sam talk contribs Add missing </pre>
01:33 (cur | prev) -1 Sam talk contribs →‎laptop_mode laptop roaming howto: list
01:33 (cur | prev) +5 Sam talk contribs →‎laptop_mode laptop roaming howto: Fix list
01:32 (cur | prev) +60 Sam talk contribs Use --oneshot to avoid polluting world