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Name Sam James
Nickname sam (www.g.o link)
PGP key ID 0x1F3D03348DB1A3E2
Ebuild repository
Fund me
Developer bug 728282
Packages p.g.o/ (commits)
Is active Yes

Gentoo user since 2013
devThis user is a Gentoo developer.
enThis user is a native speaker of English.
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.

Interested in tinkering, maths, security, and running Gentoo on various devices.

My Gentoo work is best described as "anything that needs doing". Non-exhaustive list:

  • fixing paper cuts for users, so all sorts of bugs;
  • security work (patching, wrangling bugs, etc);
  • maintaining my packages (and sometimes others' if I can help);
  • reviewing and merging user contributions;
  • reporting bugs from arch testing;
  • stabilisation/keywording (testing packages on various architectures).

In terms of architectures, my focus is on arm and arm64.


  • sam AT (email)
  • sam AT (email)
  • sam_ on (IRC, this is easiest)


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