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Quality Assurance
Description The Gentoo Quality Assurance team
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IRC channel #gentoo-qa (webchat)
Bugs Related bugs
Last elected: 2023-07-23
(and inherited member(s))
Parent Project Gentoo
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The Gentoo Quality Assurance Project aims to keep the Gentoo ebuild repository in a consistent state across all the architectures. This means that syntax, dependencies (both compile-time and run-time), file sizes, changelog and metadata entries are all kept up to date and as accurate as possible. We work with other teams to address problems found with their packages, and create QA policies that reflect the best practices to follow when working on ebuilds. In addition to that, we keep up to date technical documentation to assist developers with working on packages in the tree, in a general sense.


  • Keep the tree in a state which benefits all of our users and developers alike.
  • Create documentation to assist developers.
  • Work with other teams to overcome deficiencies in tools Gentoo uses to better suit the needs of all developers and users.
  • Develop QA policies with the interest of improving the quality of Gentoo overall.


Resources offered by the QA project are:

Role, purpose, and projects



Policies and discussion


All current and future Gentoo developers should endeavor to be a part of the QA project in some fashion. This includes helping to come up with a QA policy, as well as doing your part to ensure that your packages meet a certain set of QA standards. Additionally, we hope that all Gentoo developers will be co-operative in finding and fixing QA issues. Future and prospective developers can contact our recruiters. Ongoing QA projects may be found at Current_projects.

Joining the team

To join the team (as an existing developer), email or the current team leader with a short summary of what you want to do as a QA team member and your qualifications.