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This page hosts topics to be discussed by the QA team at its next meeting. If you are a QA team member and you cannot make a meeting, please email the team beforehand with any opinions you would like brought up on the topics to be discussed. If you are a developer who wants the QA team to review a policy or bug at an upcoming meeting, please let us know (in #gentoo-qa (webchat)) before adding it to the list of topics.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 1900 UTC in #gentoo-qa (webchat).

The next meeting is set for: TBA

Topics of Wednesday, February 18, 2015

  • Roll call (creffett, mgorny, mrueg, patrick, pinkbyte, tommy, ulm, williamh, wired, zerochaos, zlogene)
  • Official welcome for mrueg as new Team Member and zlogene as Deputy Lead
  • Games policy: Owner/permissions of top-level dirs, group for setgid games (bug #537580).
  • Developers ignoring (not updating) eclass/ChangeLog file.
  • Status check: Missing QA meeting summaries.
  • Status check: GTK USE flags.
  • Status check: Followup on decisions of past QA and Council meetings.
  • Open bugs with QA involvement.

Topics of Wednesday, December 3, 2014

  • Roll call (creffett, mgorny, patrick, Pinkbyte, tommy, ulm, williamh, wired, zerochaos, Zlogene)
  • Review the new QA Inquiry Wiki article.
  • Review the games team policies: games group, forcing /usr/games when upstream does not use it, games.eclass (points 3-5 in mgorny's reply of last Council agenda, deferred by Council to be discussed by QA).
  • Repoman checks for missing slot values/operators in dependencies and missing subslot operators.
  • Making global-scope 'use*', 'has_version' and 'best_version' fatal in EAPI 6 (already fatal in all EAPIs via PMS yet not forced by Portage yet).
  • Use of <maintainer/> and <herd/> elements in metadata.xml.
  • ncurses[tinfo] flag used to change library ABI, bug #487844.
  • Status checks: Missing QA meeting summaries; GTK USE flags; followup on decisions of past QA and Council meetings; bugs to which QA is assigned or CCed.
  • Election of new QA lead (due 2014-12-16).
  • Open floor.

Topics of Wednesday, May 21, 2014

  • Review the new QA Inquiry Wiki article.
  • Status check of the GTK USE flags response, perhaps check the spreadsheet to discuss the intermediate work.
  • Status check of the missing QA meeting summaries, perhaps work together to get it done.
  • Status check on what has been decided in past QA and/or Council meetings.

Topics of Wednesday, April 23, 2014

  • What do we do with hacked pkgconfig files? (Link)
  • Are there unclarities wrt what "QA team" and similar things mean in GLEP 48? An individual or the whole team? With agreement or not? (Link)
  • Move QA policies to the devmanual? (Suggested in "Move tree-related policies to devmanual" mail to our alias)
  • Where and how will we document what QA processes for both current and future Gentoo Developers and QA members? (Per Council meeting: "the council notes that QA is looking into documenting their process").

Topics of Wednesday April 16, 2014

Portage tree business

... based on communication on our alias and/or IRC channel:

  • Where are the GNOME and QA team at with the GTK flag issue? (Mail was sent, either defer agenda item or ask leio or eva [were working on something])
  • Rely on dynamic dependencies (has binpkg and subslot problems), revision bumps (causes some unnecessary rebuilds) or keep status quo when changing dependencies in an existing ebuild?
  • Short look at the recent QA assigned bugs: How do we deal with bug #507808 [metadata breakage]? Do we help with bug #440214 [help requested with readme.gentoo.eclass]? ...

QA processes and disagreements

... requested to be discussed by Council members:

  • Handling disagreements among ourselves (wrt two recent alias threads); do we need to change the QA process, or is the problem elsewhere?

More QA concerns

... raised by Gentoo Developers on the Gentoo mailing lists:

  • What will we do about the missing QA meeting logs and summaries?

Topics of Wednesday March 26, 2014

  • Rotating meeting times/other ways to get everyone to be able to make a meeting
  • vapier stabilizing on experimental arches (continued from last meeting, waiting on the Council to weigh in) (still continued, council hadn't met when we held the meeting)
  • Revisit policy on dropping packages to unstable when stabilization takes too long (need input from Zero_Chaos)
  • Tinderbox?
  • Status update on GTK flag issue
  • (time permitting) How to get more developers helping with QA work?

Topics of Wednesday February 19, 2014

  • Deprecating/banning EAPIs
  • Revisit policy on dropping packages to unstable when stabilization takes too long
  • vapier stabilizing on experimental arches (continued from last meeting, waiting on the Council to weigh in)
  • Multislot issue (continued, results from forums poll)
  • Review GTK USE flag situation as discussed on mailing lists (continued from last month)

Topics of Wednesday January 29, 2014

  • What should our workflow be for making policy?
  • What communication is expected when making changes to other devs' packages
  • What to do about the GTK USE flag situation? (hasufell's recent emails)
  • Official recommendation for how to recommend optional RDEPs (relevant to bug 498832)
  • What large projects do we want to tackle as a team? (See and/or add them to "Possible Future Project" in Project:Quality_Assurance/Current_projects)
    • Suggested project: Assist in migrating ebuilds away from EAPI 0/1/2 to latest.
  • How do we evaluate whether future stabilization improves or becomes worse? How bad is stabilization really at the moment? How can we make more users and/or developers interested in arch testing (and/or Gentoo)? Do we want to make a policy change now, or delay considering it till a later meeting in the future? ...? (WilliamH's stabilization thread)