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These articles cover the Gentoo project and surrounding community.

Check out the Contributing to Gentoo article for some of the many ways to help out in the community, there is also Category:Contributing to Gentoo. See Category:Gentoo development about actually creating Gentoo.

Anyone willing to help out with the documentation effort should take a look at the contributor's guide, and there is the Gentoo wiki project page about managing the wiki, the Gentoo wiki FAQ, and Category:Gentoo_Wiki .

There is a list of Gentoo Developers and their wiki pages. Gentoo developers can check out Category:Documentation for Gentoo devs for help on processes around working on the Gentoo project.

See the guide category for some guides on specific topics, and the Knowledge Base for articles answering specific questions. See the benefits of Gentoo article for some information about what makes Gentoo stand out.

Prefix is a the project that aims to bring the power of Gentoo and Portage to other operating systems.