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Not to be confused with Profile Guided Optimization (PGO).

This article is a stub. Please help out by expanding it - how to get started. (p.g.o, or pgo) is a publicly-accessible website that provides information about all the packages available in the current Gentoo ebuild repository. pgo is maintained as part of the Gentoo project.

pgo can be used to determine what packages are available, what versions are currently in the Gentoo ebuild repository, and to easily view information about individual packages, such as dependencies, security issues, etc. It provides links to external information pertinent to packages, such as bugs, source code, etc.

The pgo home page shows newly added and updated packages (this may currently be experiencing issues - 2021-12)

Finding packages

Packages can be browsed by category on p.g.o/categories/

Remember that is is also possible to use eix, to see all packages corresponding to a category in the Gentoo repository: eix --category.

Filing bugs

Issues about the contents of pgo should be filed in the correct component of the Gentoo Linux category in Bugzilla. Issues with the pgo site itself should be filed like the bugs found by following the link in the infobox at the top of this page.

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