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The Knowledge Base section in the Gentoo Wiki provides quick answers to questions and issues that might come up during any activity on a Gentoo Linux system.

By providing a knowledge base section, specific issues can be described (even when they hit a very small user base) and documented whereas more generic questions can be described in a small entry, referring to the various other resources that help the user further in his quest.


Each entry in the knowledge base is structured as follows:

Title Description
Synopsis More detail about the error or situation that the entry talks about. Users should be able to verify if the issue they have is described in this knowledge base entry by reading the synopsis.
Environment The environment describes when the knowledge base entry applies. For instance, when a problem occurs only when a certain kernel module is loaded, the environment should tell the user that he should check if that module is indeed loaded. In other words, it provides a way for users to "filter out" entries that do not match their system.
Analysis The analysis section describes why the issue occurred, telling the user what the essential flaw is that caused the error. It serves as an information section to the user to comprehend what went wrong.
Resolution The resolution section guides the user through the necessary steps to resolve the issue.
See also This section should list Knowledge Base entries or related material(s) located internal to the wiki. Whenever possible use bullet points with links.
External resources This section hosts links to related material(s) located external to the wiki. Whenever possible use bullet points with links.

An entry should be specific enough so that the entry does not blow up with several dozen methods of resolving. When an entry is growing too large, it should be split into multiple entries.

Allowed entries

There is no reason why content would or would not be allowed, as long as its structure is as described above and the entry is sufficiently specific so that no double entries exist that describe the same issue, nor that entries exist that span several dozen of issues and resolutions.

Searching the Knowledge Base

Go to the Advanced Search, type some search terms in the search box, make sure the "Knowledge Base" namespace is selected, and click search.

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