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A Bugday is a single day each month devoted to a special Gentoo topic. (See GLEP 0006)

Next Bugday: 2020-06-06

Who: Gentoo community (developers and users) - organized by the Bug Wranglers project.

When: Usually on the first Saturday of every month, when possible.

Time: 24h event (Gentoo is world wide)!

Meeting: The IRC channel #gentoo-bugday on Freenode.

What to prepare (highly suggested)

  1. Read our how to contribute page.
  2. Setup an IRC client (join #gentoo-bugday and read about our IRC channels: #gentoo, #gentoo-dev-help, #gentoo-proxy-maint), etc.
  3. Create a Gentoo Bugzilla account, if you have none yet.
  4. Create a Gentoo wiki account (if necessary).

Bugday calendar

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