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Bugday is a single day each month devoted to improving Gentoo in all aspects.

Next Bugday: April 4th, 2020

Who: Gentoo community (developers and users) - organized by the Gentoo Bugday team.

When: Usually on the first Saturday of every month, when possible.

Time: 24h event.

Where: The #gentoo-bugs IRC channel on Freenode.


  1. A Gentoo installation.
  2. An IRC client.
  3. A Gentoo Bugzilla account.
  4. A Gentoo Wiki account (optional).
  5. Good mood and a friendly attitude.


  1. Fix bugs.
  2. Bug triaging.
  3. Version bumps.
  4. Close old fixed bugs.
  5. Add or improve documentation here on the wiki.

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