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Example of a bad topic

Version bumps. A user who just copies foo-1.0.ebuild to foo-2.0.ebuild does not save any time for us. Compare:

  • User:
  1. Copy foo-1.0.ebuild to foo-2.0.ebuild (10 seconds)
  • Developer:
  1. Review PR (10 minutes)
  2. Ask to fix the PR, many comments (20 minutes)
  3. Test the PR (20-120 minutes)
  4. Merge with comments and attributions (10 minutes)

Example of a good topic

  • A generic bug affecting many packages
  • The problem has typically an easy fix which does not require a lot of discussion or even changes in eclasses
  • Most of the workload can be provided by the contributor and relieves the Gentoo developers

Fixing variable names as in bug #705764 for gcc-10 support is a good example.


Enter your suggestion for the next Bugday here.

  • Testing pypy3 on more Python packages
  • Search old bug tickets and check, if it is solved already / still reproducible with latest version
  • Test, if programs which require CD/DVD/restricted downloads still install properly. (The developers have access to very few discs. This topic requires users who have access to the media.)