Bugday 2020-06-06

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Topic 1: Add or improve documentation here on the wiki

Important because: The wiki is an important documentation platform for Gentoo. We exchange our knowledge there, but the wiki needs also some care.

  • Requested articles - Articles about things our community would like to know more about, but haven't been written yet.
  • Contribute to articles in the Todo category:
    • Dirty - Clean up 'dirty' articles by improving grammar, punctuation, or clarity.
    • Outdated articles - Bring outdated articles up to speed on current practices.
    • Stub - Fill stub articles with appropriate content.
    • Misused templates - Fix misused templates.
    • Wikify articles - Add proper formatting to articles that need wikification.
    • Todo articles - Cross off itemized tasks that need action.
    • Suggestions - Suggest wiki maintainers to make a wiki-wide change.
    • Our wiki article about the Ryzen CPUs in Gentoo is important for many users, and needs some care.


Topic 2: Patches for packages failing with -fno-common

Important because: This bug blocks the upgrade to gcc-10

How to find packages with this bug?

  • Many packages are linked to the bug tracker ticket bug #705764

How to fix this bug?

Activity tracker

Who looking at completed
Larry the Cow fix bug #000001 bug #000002 bug #000001