Bugday 2020-06-06

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Bugday focus: Wiki documentation and -fno-common package testing!

Topic 1: Add or improve documentation here on the wiki

Important because: The wiki is an important documentation platform for Gentoo. We exchange our knowledge there, but the wiki needs also some care.

  • Requested articles - Articles about things our community would like to know more about, but haven't been written yet.
  • Contribute to articles in the Todo category:
    • Dirty - Clean up 'dirty' articles by improving grammar, punctuation, or clarity.
    • Outdated articles - Bring outdated articles up to speed on current practices.
    • Stub - Fill stub articles with appropriate content.
    • Misused templates - Fix misused templates.
    • Wikify articles - Add proper formatting to articles that need wikification.
    • Todo articles - Cross off itemized tasks that need action.
    • Feedback - Suggest wiki maintainers to make a wiki-wide change.
    • Our wiki article about the Ryzen CPUs in Gentoo is important for many users, and needs some care.


Topic 2: Patches for packages failing with -fno-common

Important because: This bug blocks the upgrade to gcc-10

How to find packages with this bug?

  • Many packages are linked to the bug tracker ticket bug #705764
    • List of open bugs with package names can be seen here
    • Same as above, but with bugs with either a "PATCH" or "PullRequest" keyword filtered out, here. If a bug has either of those keywords, it is unlikely it requires further user action.

How to fix this bug?

I still do not know how to start. Could you provide an example workflow?

Larry wants to fix one of his favorite packages.

  • Larry picks one package in bug #705764
  • Larry adds the bug number to the "looking at" column in his row in the Activity Tracker (and adds a row for himself if one does not already exist) so others can see this bug is being worked on
  • net-misc/networkmanager: Fails to compile with -fno-common bug #706000
  • check upstream - is there a fix?
  • if there is, decide if a patch or a version bump makes more sense.
  • download or write a patch, copy it to /etc/portage/patches and test it
  • report upstream, and link the upstream bug/ticket in Gentoo's Bugzilla
  • now that the task is completed, Larry should update the Activity Tracker by moving the bug number from the "looking at" column to the "completed" column

Activity tracker

Who looking at completed
Larry the Cow fix bug #000001 bug #000002 bug #000001
Herbmillerjr bug #707000 bug #709298
ajak bug #711546
jstein ~ bug #706598


See also

  • Bugday — a day devoted to development efforts pertaining to a certain area of the Gentoo project, organized at most one a month.