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Description The wiki project oversees the community and the content surrounding
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The goal of the Gentoo wiki is to become the best Linux-related resource on the web. This goal is impossible without contributions from the Gentoo community. Using MediaWiki software, the Gentoo community can now assist in improving documentation for Gentoo as quickly and easily as clicking the "Edit" button.

Happy improvements!


  • 98 active users.
  • 8,312 articles (number is inflated due to translations).
  • 154,010 pages (number is inflated due to translations).

More information can be found on the statistics page.


This section lists things that need to be done around the wiki. If you are involved in the wiki project feel free to pick something and start working on it. When something is being worked on please use the {{U}} (in-line user) template to indicate on what you are working.

Past accomplishments can be found in the archive.


Wiki software updates


The following extensions may be added to the Gentoo wiki in next round of updates:

Documentation improvements

Handbook workflow improvements

Lazy tasks: Tasks that can be performed as time permits. These tasks are not high priority items, but to require some attention as necessary.


See the Translations special pages.

Process translator account requests
For now, each user account must be manually enabled for translation permissions before an account can translate. These are processed in batches - we try to shoot for a monthly basis - but sometimes we get behind.
Mark pages for translation
These pages will need to be proof read for any obvious grammatical or punctuation errors, or incorrect instruction.
Reviewing translations
Users may now review translations using the Review option either on the Action bar or on the bottom of Translate page. Users cannot review their own translations.
Remove translations permission?

The comment-streams plugin adds too much inconvenience to enabling translations for individual users. The comment-streams log has to be reviewed in order to find the user.


  1. No longer require special permission for translations. See comment 10 on bug #801937.
  2. Use a different method for requesting translations.
  3. Other options?
Add new Anchor template to Handbook and other important sections

The wiki team has added the {{Anchor}} template like implemented at Wikipedia in order to avoid spamming <span id="link_name"></span> elements across the wiki title sections. The scope of this change is for translated pages, but can be added to non-translated pages as well. Anyone working on implementing should prioritize the Handbook sub-pages and the Portage article. The goal is to implement the change to at least all pages that have been marked for translation.

Article updates


Can I rename my account?

In the event that you would like your account name to be renamed, do NOT create a new account to 'claim' or 'reserve' the new account name. Creating an account with the new name creates problems for wiki admins that cannot be undone.

To have your account renamed follow these rules:

  1. If the account name that you would like to rename to already exists on the wiki's database, then the name has already been claimed and it is impossible to rename the account. A username search can be performed to see what names have already been claimed.
  2. Login to the account you would like renamed (your existing account) and write the following text in the user namespace of the account:
    Hi Gentoo wiki admins, I would like my account renamed to <new-account-name>.
    Where <new-account-name> is the desired name after the rename operation. This must be done so that wiki admins can verify the owner of the account to be renamed is the same person asking for the rename in the next step.
  3. Finally, ask someone with an @ symbol next to their IRC nickname in #gentoo-wiki (webchat) to rename the existing account. Be sure to provide the admin with a link to the user namespace with the message mentioned above. Wiki admins will eventually review the request.
  4. Wiki admins can use the Special:RenameUser page in order to rename the user account, once the above steps have been taken by the user (but not before since we need the identity of the account to be validated!).

Can I delete/remove my account?

Because Mediawiki software uses a relational database, revision history should not be deleted (even if the account to be deleted/removed has never performed any editing). This creates an inherit problem. The best solution is to merge the account with another account (such as the Anonymous user) that is blocked (prevented from performing actions on the wiki).


Wiki users need to perform the following steps to prepare the account for removal:

  1. Login to the account you would like renamed and write the following text in the user namespace of the account: Hi Gentoo wiki admins, I would like my account permanently removed. I understand this is a one-way action that cannot be undone. Please proceed with removing my account. This must be done so that wiki admins can verify the owner of the account to be removed is the same person asking for the rename in the step below.
  2. Finally, ask someone with an @ symbol next to their IRC nickname in #gentoo-wiki (webchat) to remove the existing account. Be sure to provide the admin with a link to the user namespace with the message mentioned above. Wiki admins will eventually review the request. Admin instructions are below.


Wiki admins are to perform the following steps to delete/remove accounts:

  1. Confirm the wiki user asking for the account removal has logged in and left a message on their userspace page as instructed above. Verify in the page history that the edit was performed by the name of the account holder. This confirms the users identity as the account holder.
  2. Merge the account to be removed with the Anonymous account. This action is performed with the User Merge tool.

Does an account need banned?


Do you believe someone has repeatedly made edits that have been harmful to the wiki? Please notify wiki admins using any or all the contact methods in the InfoBox above (email, IRC, etc.). We usually keep a close eye on edits, so please double check that we haven't already taken action.

If you do notify us, please include links to the abusive changes and your attempts to mitigate them via discussions on Talk pages. We trust you, our policy is to verify the claim.


Wiki admins can disable accounts using the Disable Account special page. Do so only have validating the claims are true.

Can I get a dump of the Gentoo wiki database?

No. Database dumps are not available. We will update this message if database dumps become available in the future.

The Gentoo infrastructure team does an excellent job maintaining the servers and databases used to host the Gentoo wiki. Please raise concerns over data integrity, availability, and confidentiality with the infrastructure team, not the wiki team.

How can I change my email address?


See the change email page to self-service with this request. Users should have no issues changing their email addresses.


If manual intervention is necessary, Gentoo infra staff that have access to geese can follow upstream's guide for manual email address change.

Manual intervention should only be performed after the account has been properly verified. The user should have no reason to not change the email address themself!


As with all official Gentoo projects: community participation not only welcome, but highly encouraged. In short, here are a few things that could use some immediate attention:

  • Gentoo_Wiki:Feedback - Review the wiki feedback page. Respond to and close any open discussions here.
  • Open discussions - Help close out open discussions (especially anything open in the Handbook namespace).
  • Todo list - Review other things that need some effort.
  • Translate - Make the Gentoo documentation available in your native language. Become a translator.

As with most Gentoo projects, as you pile on contributions you may be asked if you are interested in joining our wiki project. We are excited to see the ways community members enhance our mass of freely available documentation.

Wiki internal development

  • Project:Wiki/Development — a landing page for development and maintenance of MediaWiki features and enhancements added by the Gentoo wiki project.

Users with significant contributions to the project

  • Alex Legler (a3li) - Official Gentoo wiki founder, administrator, and protector who welded the Ban Hammer with ease. He will never be forgiven.
  • Arne Stäcker (Astaecker) - Arne was around during the wiki's founding. He greatly assisted by creating several templates that are still widely used today, which helped article formatting and better organize wiki data.
  • Sven Vermeulen (SwifT) - Documentation project lead who also authored the Gentoo Handbook (originally in the GuideXML format) and then migrated it, along with many of Gentoo's "HOWTO" guides, to the wiki. He also oversee as an editor to the main namespace on the wiki.
  • Darkcircle - Epic Korean translator who fixed a lot of English (source) documents as well.
  • P.Fox (Ris) - Significant documentation contributions around the wiki.


See also

  • Wiki formatting help (table of contents) - Those who have never used a wiki before should start here for general wiki formatting help.
  • Article blueprints - A group of pre-structured articles written to help Wiki contributors focus more on quality content and less on structural busywork.
  • Wiki Contributor's guide - A guide to help Wiki contributors become well versed in maintaining Gentoo's documentation.