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The goal of the Gentoo Wiki is to become the best Linux-related resource on the web. This goal is impossible without contributions from the Gentoo community. Using MediaWiki software, the Gentoo community can now assist in improving documentation for Gentoo as quickly and easily as clicking the "Edit" button.

Happy improvements!


  • 125 active users.
  • 5,914 articles.
  • 98,535 pages.


This section lists things that need to be done around the wiki. If you are involved in the wiki project feel free to pick something and start working on it. When something is being worked on please use the {{User}} template to indicate what you are working on. Past accomplishments can be found in the archive.


Plugin updates

  • Update to the SMW plugin needs to be applied. We're presently running SMW 2.3. Looks like this merge will closed out the error found when attempting to render underscores in in-line queries. (Presently viewed in "grub-install --target=x86 64-efi" in the bootloader section of the AMD64 Handbook.)
    • Presently worked around by creating a new text Property...



  • Account renames - In the event that you would like your account name to be renamed, please do NOT create a new account for the desired name. Please ask someone with an @ symbol next to their IRC nickname in #gentoo-wiki to rename your existing account. Creating an account with the new name creates problems for wiki admins.


As with all official Gentoo projects: community participation not only welcome, but highly encouraged. Contact maffblaster on #gentoo-wiki for a list of current things to do. In short, here are a few things that need immediate attention:

  • Open discussions - Help close out open discussions (especially anything open in the Handbook namespace).
  • Todo list - Review things that need work.
  • Translate - Make the Gentoo documentation available in your native language. Become a translator.

See also

  • Wiki formatting help (table of contents) - Those who have never used a wiki before should start here for general wiki formatting help.
  • Article blueprints - A group of pre-structured articles written to help Wiki contributors focus more on quality content and less on structural busywork.
  • Wiki Contributor's Guide - A guide to help Wiki contributors become well versed in maintaining Gentoo's documentation.