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Name Michał Górny
Nickname mgorny
PGP fingerprint

Is active Yes


Feel free to contact me whenever necessary. I'm available more or less frequently during Central European day/evening time, usually between 6 AM UTC and 10 PM UTC.

Depending on your specific needs, the preferred contact medium may vary:

  • If you have a short question or request (and can wait for an answer), or need to talk in more real time fashion, then IRC would be preferred. I'm available as mgorny on Freenode. You can either ping me on one of the Gentoo channels, or privmsg me directly. I'm connected permanently via Quassel, so I should get all the messages and highlights sent while I'm away, and I try to reply to them as soon as I'm back online.
  • If you have a longer/more complex question/problem, then e-mail is preferable. Please note that depending on the complexity of the problem and the length of the answer, it may take a few days before I am able to reply.
  • If you wish to report a problem with my package or otherwise a more complex request, please file a bug. Bugs are the only reliable way of tracking requests that I may not be able to process in a short time.

I'm trying to reply to all messages I get (where a reply is expected). If I don't reply to your messages in a reasonable time, please ping me. I've got a lot on my head, and I may have either missed it or forgotten about it.

Pull request reviews

I'm trying to review pull requests as time permits but if I get engaged in other projects, I have to reduce the time spent on the pull requests. Please avoid requesting a review specifically from me unless there is a very specific reason for me to review it.

When reviewing pull requests, I tend to prioritize wrt the following order:

  1. pull requests that I have reviewed already, and which were updated by authors,
  2. pull requests to my packages,
  3. pull requests to the self-maintained packages (i.e. from proxied maintainers on their own packages),
  4. pull requests to the maintainer needed packages.

I'm sorry to say but frequently I don't find time to even reach the last group.

If you have updated a pull request that I have reviewed previously and I did not get back to you in a reasonable time, please ping me. I might have missed it or accidentally marked it as read.