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Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals
Description The GLEP project manages Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals.
Lead(s) none
No lead election date set
(and inherited members)
Parent Project Gentoo Metastructure Project
Project listing

The GLEP project solicits, collects, maintains, and shepherds proposals for substantially enhancing Gentoo Linux. Any user or developer may construct and submit a GLEP for consideration by the GLEP editors. Because GLEPs may only be modified by GLEP editors, they constitute a permanent record of proposals designed to enhance Gentoo Linux.

For more information, see GLEP 1 and GLEP 2.


Implemented GLEPs (Final or Active)

GLEP NumberTypeStatusTitle
1InformationalActiveGLEP Purpose and Guidelines
2InformationalActiveSample Wiki Markup GLEP Template
6Standards TrackFinalGentoo Linux monthly bug day
7Standards TrackFinalNew ombudsman position
8Standards TrackFinalAdopt-A-Developer
11Standards TrackFinalWeb Application Installation
13Standards TrackFinalProviding the users with a Gentoo Handbook
21Standards TrackFinalUser-defined Package Sets
22Standards TrackFinalNew "keyword" system to incorporate various userlands/kernels/archs
23Standards TrackFinalHandling of ACCEPT_LICENSE
28InformationalFinal"Expiration" of inactive GLEPs
30Standards TrackFinal"Planet Gentoo" web log aggregator
31Standards TrackFinalCharacter Sets for Portage Tree Items
34Standards TrackFinalPer-Category metadata.xml Files
36Standards TrackFinalSubversion/CVS for Gentoo Hosted Projects
38InformationalFinalStatus of forum moderators in the Gentoo project
39InformationalFinalAn "old-school" metastructure proposal with "boot for being a slacker"
40Standards TrackFinalStandardizing "arch" keywording across all archs.
42Standards TrackFinalCritical News Reporting
43InformationalFinalGLEP File Hosting
44Standards TrackFinalManifest2 format
46Standards TrackFinalAllow upstream tags in metadata.xml
48Standards TrackFinalQA Team's Role and Purpose
53Standards TrackFinalKeywording scheme
56Standards TrackFinalUSE flag descriptions in metadata
57InformationalFinalSecurity of distribution of Gentoo software - Overview
63Standards TrackFinalGentoo GPG key policies
64Standards TrackFinalExport Package Manager cached information
67Standards TrackFinalPackage maintenance structure
68Standards TrackFinalPackage and category metadata

Accepted but not implemented GLEPs (Accepted)

GLEP NumberTypeStatusTitle
14Standards TrackAcceptedsecurity updates based on GLSA
15Standards TrackAcceptedGentoo Script Repository
20Standards TrackAccepted/srv - Services Home Directory Support
27Standards TrackAcceptedPortage Management of UIDs/GIDs

Draft GLEPs (Drafts)

GLEP NumberTypeStatusTitle
58Standards TrackDraftSecurity of distribution of Gentoo software - Infrastructure to User distribution - MetaManifest
59Standards TrackDraftManifest2 hash policies and security implications
60Standards TrackDraftManifest2 filetypes
61Standards TrackDraftManifest2 compression
62Standards TrackDraftOptional runtime dependencies via runtime-switchable USE flags
65Standards TrackDraftPost-install QA checks
69Standards TrackDraftFile installation masks
70Standards TrackDraftAddition of distribution environment variables
72Standards TrackDraftArchitecture stability status file
73Standards TrackDraftAutomated enforcing of REQUIRED_USE constraints

Deferred, Rejected, Withdrawn, or Moribund GLEPs

GLEP NumberTypeStatusTitle
3Standards TrackDeferredEbuild maintainter extension GLEP
4InformationalReplacedGentoo top-level management structure proposal
5Standards TrackDeferredExtending metadata.xml
9Standards TrackDeferredGentoo Package Update System
10InformationalDeferredLocalized Gentoo Sites
12Standards Finger Daemon
16Standards TrackDeferredGentoo Menu System
17Standards TrackDeferredResolution for Aging EBuilds
18Standards TrackDeferredGentoo Bimonthly Publication
19Standards TrackWithdrawnGentoo Stable Portage Tree
24Standards TrackDeferredConsistent Gentoo tool naming scheme
25Standards TrackDeferredDistfile Patching Support
26Standards TrackDeferredHandling kernels with portage
29Standards TrackWithdrawnUSE flag groups
32Standards TrackDeferredMaildir Location
33Standards TrackDeferredEclass Restructure/Redesign
35Standards TrackDeferredAutomated consistency check for ebuilds
37Standards TrackDeferredVirtuals Deprecation
41Standards TrackRejectedMaking Arch Testers official Gentoo Staff
45InformationalDeferredGLEP date format
47Standards TrackRejectedCreating 'safe' environment variables
49Standards TrackRejectedAlternative Package Manager requirements
50Standards TrackRejectedSupporting alternative package managers
51Standards TrackWithdrawnGentoo Knowledge Base
52Standards TrackWithdrawnRESTRICT=unattended
54Standards TrackDeferredscm package version suffix
55Standards TrackRejectedUse EAPI-suffixed ebuilds (.ebuild-EAPI)