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Repository mirror and CI
Description The repo-mirror-ci project aims to run basic QA checks on all listed Gentoo repositories and provide syncing mirrors for them (with pre-generated metadata cache).
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The project is currently running:

  • Basic automated QA checks against all repositories (sync, validate metadata),
  • git mirrors of repositories with pregenerated metadata cache.


  • Automatically file bugs against new QA violations in repositories.


In order to make layman use the mirrors instead of original repositories, use the following configuration:

FILE /etc/layman/layman.cfgSetting layman to use mirrors
overlays  :

Note that the mirror's XML file must come after Gentoo's in order to override the mirrored Gentoo repositories.

The scripts are running on hardware provided by Todd Goodman. Result files are hosted on Gentoo Infrastructure, while mirrors are hosted on GitHub.