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Proxy Maintainers
Description Proxy Maintainers facilitates high quality user contributions and works to enhance user-developer cooperation in maintaining packages.
IRC channel #gentoo-proxy-maint
Last elected: 2017/08/08
(and inherited members)
Parent Project Quality Assurance
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The Proxy Maintainers Project is the primary contact point for users who are interested in maintaining packages in the official Gentoo package repository. We help users to adopt a package as their own, whether it be a previously abandoned one, or a new package. We also offer a framework in which users aid developers in maintaining their own packages under the supervision of the Proxy Maintainers Project.

We have a thriving community with an active group of developers who assist users with writing ebuilds and review their submissions. We welcome new users and encourage them to contact us and express their interest.

What it takes to be a Proxied Maintainer


Becoming a maintainer for a package means that users' questions regarding your package and how it works in Gentoo will be directed to you. We would like you to enjoy the maintenance and not feel as though it is a chore. To that end we are looking for enthusiastic people.


Our team of developers will assist and guide you toward ensuring that your submission meets the standards of the Gentoo QA policy. We will make sure that our feedback is productive and that you are treated with respect. Always remember that this is teamwork.


You are signing up to maintain a package, take responsibility for any related bugs, and keep it up-to-date in the long term. Your contributions directly affect the Gentoo Linux user base and they depend on you being responsible with your maintainership.


The package maintenance involves communicating with developers, users and upstream programmers. Sometimes your submissions may require more work than you anticipate to meet the Gentoo QA standards. We understand that this can be frustrating for you and will do our best to aid you throughout the process. Nonetheless, patience is one of the key elements to successful maintainership.

Getting Started

There are multiple ways for getting involved with the Proxy Maintainers project:

  • When a developer stops maintaining a package, it becomes "orphaned" and gets added to the maintainer-needed list until a new maintainer comes in and claims it. You can contribute to the overall quality of the official package repository by volunteering to maintain packages from the maintainer-needed list. To adopt a maintainer-needed package, look at taking over an existing package guide.
  • Similarly, when a user makes a new package request by creating a bug on Gentoo Bugzilla, the bug is assigned to '' and requires a maintainer to be added to the official package repository. You have the opportunity to take responsibility for the maintainer-wanted packages and have it added to the package repository. To adopt a maintainer-wanted package, look at adding a new package guide.
  • The last way to get involved is by working alongside a developer on one of their own packages. Typically, this option is only available to the users after they have made significant contributions to the package. Users, who are interested in this option, are encouraged to contact both this project and the maintainer so that arrangements may be discussed.

It is highly recommended that users read through the resources available below so that they have a firm grasp on how to make their contributions, and ensure that those contributions meet the highest quality standards.


  • A guide to all things Proxy-Maint: Here you'll find useful information on interacting with developers and the project. You'll find guidelines to follow while taking part in the project as well as policies that all participants are bound by. There is also information on Proxy Maintainers' Quality Assurance standards and how to achieve them.