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Proxy Maintainers
Description Proxy Maintainers facilitates high quality user contributions and works to enhance user-developer cooperation in maintaining packages.
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Last elected: 2020-08-19
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The Proxy Maintainers Project is the primary contact point for users who are interested in contributing to unmaintained packages in the official Gentoo package repository. We help users to adopt a package as their own, whether it be a previously abandoned one, or a new package. We also offer a framework in which users aid developers in maintaining their own packages under the supervision of the Proxy Maintainers Project.

What it takes to be a Proxied Maintainer

Enthusiasm: User questions regarding your package will be directed to you. We would like you to enjoy the maintenance and not feel as though it is a chore.

Teamwork: Our team of developers will assist and guide you toward ensuring that your submission meets the standards of the Gentoo QA policy. We will make sure that our feedback is productive and that you are treated with respect.

Responsibility: A Proxied Maintainer wants to maintain a package, take responsibility for any related bugs, and keep it up-to-date in the long term. The Proxied Maintainer tests packages carefully in his or her local overlay before submitting them.

Patience: The package maintenance involves communicating with developers, users and upstream programmers. Sometimes your submissions may require a lot of work to meet the Gentoo QA standards. This can be frustrating, but the Proxy Maintainers will do their best to aid a Proxied Maintainer throughout the process.

Getting Started


  • A guide to all things Proxy-Maint: Here you'll find useful information on interacting with developers and the project. You'll find guidelines to follow while taking part in the project as well as policies that all participants are bound by. There is also information on Proxy Maintainers' Quality Assurance standards and how to achieve them.
  • Guide to Git: Contributing to the project via pull requests and patch submissions.
  • Package maintainer's responsibilities: General checklist for any package maintainer in Gentoo. While it mostly applies to official developers, proxied maintainers should take hints on how to become great maintainers.

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