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A list of common abbreviations in the Gentoo universe:

Short form Long form Explanation
ABI Application Binary Interface wikipedia:ABI
API Application Programming interface wikipedia:API
AT Arch Testers ...
BGO/bgo/b.g.o Gentoo Bugtracker[1]
CI Continuous Integration wikipedia:CI
CLA Contributor License Agreement wikipedia:CLA
CLI Command Line Interface wikipedia:CLI
ComRel Community Relations Project:ComRel
EAPI Ebuild API the term ebuild API was invented on the gentoo-dev mailing list
GGO/ggo/g.g.o Gentoo Git Repositories
GH GitHub [1]
GLSA Gentoo Linux Security Advisories GLSA
GLEP Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposal Project:GLEP
IOMMU Input–output memory management unit wikipedia:IOMMU
LTO Link Time Optimization gcc:LTO, Clang
m-n maintainer needed As in "this package is set to maintainer needed status"[1]
PGO Profile Guided Optimization wikipedia:PGO
PGO/pgo/p.g.o Gentoo Packages
PIC Position-Independent Code wikipedia:PIC
PIE Position-Independent Executables a security hardening technique; wikipedia:PIE
PMASKED package masked (listed in packages.mask) PMASKED in bug tickets[1]
PMS Package Manager Specification Project:Package Manager Specification
PR Pull Request request to merge a patch (e.g. on GitHub).[1]
p-m Proxy Maintainer Project:Proxy Maintainers
QA Quality assurance Project:Quality Assurance
stablereq Stabilization Request Stable request
VDB /var/db/pkg Database of installed packages[1]

Please focus on the not-so-common abbreviations which are important in the Gentoo universe. Well-known general abbreviations like CPU or SCSI would not fit here.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 This abbreviation is not official, but very often used in chats.