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An ebuild file is a text file, used by Gentoo package managers, which identifies a specific software package and how the Gentoo package manager should handle it. It uses a bash-like syntax style and is standardized through the EAPI version.

Gentoo Linux uses ebuilds as the package management format for individual software titles. These ebuilds contain metadata about the software (the name and version of the software, which license the software uses, and the home page), dependency information (both build-time as well as run-time dependencies), and instructions on how to deal with the software (configure, build, install, test ...).

The default location for ebuilds in Gentoo is /var/db/repos/gentoo/.

ebuild is also the Portage command for running the various ebuild functions. Information can be found locally by running:

user $man 1 ebuild
user $man 5 ebuild

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