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Name Jonas Stein
Nickname jstein (www.g.o link)

Packages p.g.o/ (commits)
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Gentoo is about choice

If you are frustrated, just enjoy this imaginary interview and continue compiling with a smile.

Radio Yerevan: Is it correct, that the Gentoo users have full control and may choose between many options?

Gentoo developer: In principle, yes. The user just has to choose properly.

Radio Yerevan: Can you select between a dozen of architectures from mips to x86 and start the compilation?

Gentoo developer: In principle, yes. But it will terminate with an error, if you do not select amd64.

Radio Yerevan: Is it correct, that you can select between hundreds of USE flags to enhance or reduce the functionality of your programs?

Gentoo developer: This is absolutely true. For a working program for example select the default USE flags.

Radio Yerevan: Is it correct, that you can decide which package manager you want to use?

Gentoo developer: Yes, the user has the choice. For some reason all users select portage as package manager.

Radio Yerevan: Can you compile all packages either with gcc or clang?

Gentoo developer: Yes. The package will tell you what the maintainer used. You should use the same.

Radio Yerevan: It is possible to configure which languages of the world should be compiled in the programs and which translation of the manual should be installed?

Gentoo developer: Absolutely. You can even get the same result with LINGUAS="en" L10N="en" in make.conf. We prefer LANG=C anyway.

Radio Yerevan: Can the user select between gtk2 and gtk3?

Gentoo developer: That is correct. The user will get immediately an error message from the compiler, if the selection was wrong.

Radio Yerevan: There are more than 170 specialized teams and each is organized with a team leader. They develop packages and fix bugs. How could you generate so much manpower?

Gentoo developer: This was easy. We had too much work for ~100 developers. Therefore we formed a team with 10 members just for a special topic. This worked out, so we created teams until all topics were covered. Now we have 170 teams with up to 20 members for the same amount of work.

Radio Yerevan: You can even cross compile, or compile on the same machine.

Gentoo developer: Yes and it works often well, if you have exactly the same machines.

Radio Yerevan: Is it true, that you can install Gentoo on absolutely strange and rare hardware architectures?

Gentoo developer: In principle yes. You even have to setup exact the same strange and rare hardware of the developer who maintains your package.