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Name Jonas Stein
Nickname jstein

Is active Yes
deThis user is a native speaker of German.
en-5This user is able to contribute with a professional level of English.

Tools for members of the Proxy Maintainer Project

Open bugs, assigned to proxied maintainer and still open. Bug was created

Maintainer bugs

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Special interest

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Circular workflow

Gentoo is about choice

The user just has to choose properly. Here a few not too serious hints how to choose properly.

  • ~amd64, but most times amd64 is fine too
  • always select the default USE flags
  • you can decide which package manager you want to use. Never ever try an alternative package manager.
  • gcc or clang? The package will tell you what the maintainer used. You should use the same.
  • LANG=C (what else?)
  • qt5 (we decide for you ;-)
  • gtk3
  • you can decide to cross compile, or compile on the same machine. Select the latter.