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Gentoo Sound project
Description The sound team provides and maintains sound applications and drivers.
  • Tony Vroon (Chainsaw)
    Lead ( Herd Lead, Audacious and plugins, libnjb )

No lead election date set
(and inherited members)
Parent Project Gentoo Linux
Project listing

The Sound team strives to provide users with the best sound experience through providing sound applications and drivers including alsa, audacious, amarok and such.


Resources offered by the sound project include:


The sound project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
sound aballier, angelos, chainsaw, chutzpah, hasufell, matsuu, radhermit, ssuominen, tanderson, yngwin media-sound and related packages
alsa chainsaw Advanced Linux Sound Architecture packages
proaudio aballier, nativemad, radhermit, yngwin Professional audio applications and libraries

Guidelines for sound herd

Ebuild maintenance

It's not uncommon that a package is part of sound herd but have a direct maintainer. To avoid misunderstanding, such packages are to be considered maintained by that developer, leaving the herd as a fallback for when the maintainer is away for too much time. Always try to get a hold of the direct maintainer before touching a package that has a direct maintainer.