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Name Jason A. Donenfeld
Nickname zx2c4

Is active Yes

Member of Gentoo Security and Infrastructure teams.

Package Policy

I welcome any help and bumps on these packages, which currently have me as the sole gentoo developer maintainer:

  • app-crypt/simp_le
  • app-text/cutemarked
  • dev-python/pysctp
  • dev-python/requests-cache
  • mail-filter/dkimproxy
  • mail-filter/opensmtpd-extras
  • mail-mta/opensmtpd
  • media-gfx/clockphoto
  • media-gfx/gphotofs
  • media-sound/gogglesmm
  • media-sound/music-file-organizer
  • media-video/ffcast
  • net-analyzer/flent
  • net-analyzer/speedtest-cli
  • net-libs/libasr
  • net-misc/iodine
  • net-misc/ndppd
  • net-p2p/soulseek-qt
  • sys-apps/progress
  • sys-fs/ctmg
  • www-apps/cgit
  • x11-misc/primus
  • x11-misc/qarma

Besides the packages listed above, I co-maintain several others, which therefore already have additional developers tending to them. While I am also upstream on many of the packages above (clockphoto, music-file-organizer, ctmg, cgit), I welcome any positive contribution to their ebuilds.

However, please let me handle these packages on my own, which are a bit more particular:

Of course, if you find something obvious in these to fix, I won't be upset if you fix it for me. :)


I'm president and security researcher at Edge Security, an information security research and consulting firm of expert hackers.

Currently I'm working on WireGuard, a secure network tunnel.