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Description The Artwork project manages Gentoo artwork and related assets. This includes wallpapers, logos, themes, icons sets.
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Lead(s) none
No lead election date set
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Parent Project Gentoo
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The Gentoo Artwork project is responsible for creation and maintenance of all the artwork-related stuff within Gentoo.

Getting involved

The Artwork project welcomes contributions and participation. Methods of involvement could include (but are not limited to) the following areas:


  • Create new vector-based artwork that relates to the Gentoo community.
  • Create close-to-perfect vector-remakes of past work that mattered with no sources available (even after research).

Communicate, manage, and organize

Encourage artwork contributions from the community through:

  • Organizing graphics contests (use, target, prices, realization, etc.).
  • Coming up with other fresh approaches and their implementation.

Communicate with artists of existing artwork

  • Encourage variations where it makes sense.
  • Ensure availability of source files (Inkscape, Blender, textures, etc.).
  • Ensure licensing is:
    • Known and free for all parts.
    • Compatible with the chosen composition.
  • Ensure availability of proper resolutions:
    • Big enough for modern displays (>=1920x1080 pixels).
    • Coverage of aspect ratios (16:9 has been the mainstream computing standard since about 2008).