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Public Relations
Description The Public Relations project improves Gentoo's visibility toward the rest of the world. We maintain a presence for Gentoo on various web silos such as Facebook, Twitter, and various chat services.
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  • Matthew Marchese (maffblaster)
    Cafepress store, Facebook (admin), Twitter, Telegram (admin)

Last elected: 2017/07/27
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The Public Relations project improves Gentoo's visibility toward the rest of the world. We maintain a presence for Gentoo on various web silos such as Facebook, Twitter, and various chat services. Below you will find those responsible on a per-site basis.

Extending and improving a meta-distribution such as Gentoo is not possible without the continued involvement of the users. Apart from the bug reporting, enhancement requests, mailing list/IRC activity, and other important aspects of development, the motivation of the users is one of, perhaps even the most, influential facet of distribution development. Such motivation can be brought to the users by well-coordinated public relation efforts.

PR goes well beyond just "informing the world". It embraces research, planning, communication, and evaluation manufactured to the organization's core values. It does not stop with explaining the virtues of the organization and the decisions made, but also extends to uncovering the principles that are used to go where the organization wants to go.

Road map

Want to know what do be doing? Here is a list of things the whole team can work on.


  • As of April 2, 2019 Google+ (G+) has been shut down.
    • Determine any actions required due to the shutdown. - Nothing to do.


Review PR teams commitment to Gentoo's social contract

Most, if not all, of the values of the social sites the PR team handles do not line up with Gentoo's Social Contract. We want to be careful to remain in consistency with the Social Contract. Review the social contract to be sure no violations are in effect.

Ask the moderators of the Reddit to join PR

As far as the PR teams understands, the moderators of the official Gentoo subreddit group are not involved with Gentoo's PR. It would be great to either than one of them join, or have two or more active members of PR be granted top-level access to the subreddit.

Social networking and chat silos

The following is a list of official social media accounts for Gentoo. Those involved with PR can feel free to ask for permission to help push news updates to these locations. Please give other members of the team a brief consultation in #gentoo-pr and/or on the mailing list before posting.

Social networking silos

Chat silos


The following 'policy' content is not (yet) official. It is a current work-in-progress and is expected to change.

The goal of having a policy for PR is to provide uniformity across social sites so that community members can immediately recognize Gentoo's (official) presence.

  1. The public relations team should follow the Gentoo name and logo usage guidelines and also take into consideration the social contract.
  2. For any social site to be officially run by the PR project, a minimum of two active Gentoo developers should have top-most administrative access. This is a necessary redundancy in the event that a single Gentoo developer goes missing in action.
    1. Active is defined as not retired and not unavailable. In the eyes of the PR team, unavailable developers are those with ~/.devaway files on Woodpecker for longer than 2 weeks time.
    2. Top-level is defined differently by each site. The priory here is to provide full permissions to manage all areas of the site to a minimum of two active developers. Note that two is the minimum, ideaily all active members of the PR team can have equal access.
  3. When applicable, please use Gentoo's official 'Signet' logo as the 'profile' picture.



The presentation project (once a solo-project) has now been merged with Public Relations. Presentations help keep our community informed about Gentoo development progress. The goal is to improve Gentoo's visibility by providing all appropriate information in up-to-date, well targeted presentations, and hand outs. These can then be downloaded and used by developers, users, and other interested parties. Developers are encouraged to not only view these themselves, but also to share with others in the public square through presentations, demonstrations, and direct contact with the community.

Presentation resources can be found in the following sub-articles:

Additional materials

Some of the following links may be deprecated or non-applicable: