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Planet Gentoo
Description Planet Gentoo provides a central aggregation of developers' blogs, to keep users and other developers informed of what they are working on.
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We run a service, Planet Gentoo, which aggregates articles written by contributing developers. This is optional, but any developer is encouraged to participate. It helps communication between developers, and users find it to be an interesting read too. While Planet is strictly Gentoo-themed, an additional service runs to cover any non Gentoo related posts, called Universe.

In order to post content to Planet/Universe, you need to have your own weblog ("blog"). Many sites provide this as a free service, or you can host it yourself (if you have the resources). Alternatively, we can host a blog for you at Gentoo Developer Blogs. If you are interested in contributing to Planet Gentoo, please read the instructions below, and then file a bug providing the relevant information.


Resources offered by the Planet project include:


  • Blogs at are provided to Gentoo Developers only, thus if you lose your developer status we'll revoke your access to your blog.
  • The content in will stay there for archive reasons.
  • Planet posts should be strictly Gentoo related and in English. Universe posts don't have to follow that rule.
  • Please be careful with what you write about. Your views may be inappropriately interpreted as the views of Gentoo. Please be careful not to damage our image.
  • The Gentoo community consists of all kinds of people, so please avoid any racist comments.
  • While constructive criticism is welcome, flamewars and attacks towards other projects or people are forbidden.
  • The Planet Gentoo team has the right to ban people from Planet/Universe or suspend authors from Gentoo Developer Blogs that don't follow the above terms.


To ask for a new blog hosted in, or to be included in Planet / Universe, please make sure you have read the Terms section, and then file a bug, selecting Product Websites and Component Planet. You'll need to provide us the following information:

  • An RSS feed reflecting your Gentoo category or tag, for Planet posts.
  • Optional: An RSS feed that will reflect wider range of posts, for Universe. An RSS feed that aggregates the whole blog is also acceptable
  • A gravatar mail (see below for more info).
  • For a new blog in, state it clearly in the bug. After that you'll be asked to set up a Gentoo category/tag and a gravatar mail, for Planet/Universe aggregation.

Also, you can file a bug in case something is wrong with Planet/Universe/Blogs, or in case you want a new plugin/theme added for WordPress.


Planet Gentoo and Gentoo Universe can display an icon or headshot of the developer on the website. For ease of maintenance, we use gravatars (globally recognized avatars) which the developer can manage personally. Users can create their own gravatar at By default, the MD5 string we use to access the personalized avatars is If you already have an account under a different e-mail address and would like to use that instead, please contact a developer to have your configuration updated.

Wordpress plugins

A list of plugins available at wordpress installation:

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