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Name Matthew Marchese
Nickname maffblaster
Ebuild repository
Is active Yes

I'm a Christ follower, a husband to my beautiful wife Christina, and man who loves to learn. My plan is to help improve Gentoo documentation by adding articles that are missing and by correcting existing ones. As I continue learning about Gentoo it only makes sense to help make it better for everyone by documenting what I am learning.

Want to message me directly in your web browser? You can do so via Freenode's secure webchat client: #gentoo-wiki. Be sure to highlight me by typing my nickname in the message so I'll see it!

Lets make Gentoo better together!

My projects

Wiki improvement

Adding and correcting information here on the wiki is one of my main responsibilities as a developer. Here is some information on how I'm improving the wiki:





  • 125 active users.
  • 5,914 articles.
  • 98,535 pages.


  • Pim Vullers and myself (but mainly Pim) are working to bring Pantheon (Elementary OS's Desktop Environment) to Gentoo. Our efforts can be found in Pim's overlay.
  • I'm currently (slowly) working on a Python 3 based installer for Gentoo-based Linux distributions. I've dubbed it stager. Visit the project article and GitHub page to see more.
  • I have started work on a Linux-based distribution called Vitality. Vitality will be a lightweight, arm friendly (I'm talking to you, Raspberry PI users!), Gentoo-based Linux distribution. This project is halted while I take a break to study operating system essentials and Linux on embedded systems...
  • I run an organization called Digital Survival (currently a blog), that discusses, among other things, how to become as self-sufficient (digitally) as possible. Contact me on Freenode IRC at #digital-survival.
  • Am a member of the PR team and regularly post Gentoo-related news to our social sites.
  • Here's a list of applications I recommend each user should install in order to improve their Gentoo experience.
  • Ideas for Gentoo (improvements of small scope).
  • Raising Gentoo to prominence (improvements of large scope).
  • Experiments - A sub-article that holds various ideas I'd like to explore.
  • Notes - Some notes for personal reference.

My hardware

Previous notebooks

My software

  • Vitality - A Gentoo-based arm distribution.
  • gencache - Like aptcacher, but for Gentoo.
  • kaudit - A Python powered kernel audit tool.
  • kcmdlined - A daemon to parse and react to kernel cmdline arguments.
  • sheen - A cross-platform desktop screenshot boasting tool.


  • Recent changes - See what other people have been doing here on the Wiki (sometimes I look to be encouraged).
  • - Find out more about my faith and other interests on my blog.
  • - If you are interested in helping out with some of the projects I'm working on message me on Freenode IRC using the nickname found in the InfoBox above. If you use email I will never see it.
  • Bug 546262 - My Gentoo 'New Developer' bug.