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A location where I keep articles that are works-in-progress (unpublished). They'll get written eventually...

Draft articles

This message is also caused by low disk space as well; when there is not enough space to unpack the package's tarball.

 * Messages for package virtual/jpeg-0-r3:

 * The ebuild phase 'unpack' has exited unexpectedly. This type of behavior
 * is known to be triggered by things such as failed variable assignments
 * (bug #190128) or bad substitution errors (bug #200313). Normally, before
 * exiting, bash should have displayed an error message above. If bash did
 * not produce an error message above, it's possible that the ebuild has
 * called `exit` when it should have called `die` instead. This behavior
 * may also be triggered by a corrupt bash binary or a hardware problem
 * such as memory or cpu malfunction. If the problem is not reproducible or
 * it appears to occur randomly, then it is likely to be triggered by a
 * hardware problem. If you suspect a hardware problem then you should try
 * some basic hardware diagnostics such as memtest. Please do not report
 * this as a bug unless it is consistently reproducible and you are sure
 * that your bash binary and hardware are functioning properly.

Handbook enhancements




Linux kernel

Digital Survival

  • cjdns - Encrypted IPv6 mesh network software.
  • Sourcehut - A suite of software development web applications.


  • Wayfire - A wayland compositor inspired by Compiz and based on wlroots.
  • mrsh - A minimal POSIX shell written in C.
  • Screenkey - Screencast software that writes key presses to the display.
  • Brackets - An open source text editor from Adobe with a focus on web development.
  • Geeknote - An open source, command-line Evernote client.
  • Light Table - Light Table is an open source IDE created for web development.
  • lynis - A security auditing tool to assist with compliance and hardening testing for Unix based systems.
  • Makekit - Write build systems in POSIX shell.
  • N1 - A cross platform open source mail client build on modern web frameworks.
  • NixNote - An open source Evernote clone for Linux.
  • Perfect Paper Passwords - A high security, multi-factor one-time password generator.
  • Plinth - A Python-powered web interface for FreedomBox.
  • PowerBroker Open - An Active Directory authentication front-end.
  • SocioBoard - Manage multiple social media accounts from a central location.
  • Sopel - An IRC-bot written in Python. Every developer needs a sidekick, right?
  • Titan - A command-line password manager supporting AES encryption and 256-bit keys.
  • Taiga - A project management platform.
  • Unreal Engine - Generation 4 of the Unreal Engine.

General articles

  • Neovim - Vim-fork focused on extensibility and agility.
  • Nitrokey - Instructions for Gentoo devs on using Nitrokeys for Gentoo development.
  • NILFS - A new implementation of a log structured filesystem for Linux.
  • util-linux - Userspace utilities for Linux specific system management including device control, terminal logins, process management, and tty messaging.
  • OpenVAS - An open source vulnerability scanner.
  • GNU Binutils - A collection of binary tools used for software development.
  • taskd - The server part of a command-line todo list manager.
  • GlusterFS - A scalable network filesystem.
  • GNU make - One of the original build systems. Standard tool to compile source trees.
  • bcachefs - A 'next generation' CoW filesystem for Linux.
  • eCryptfs - The enterprise cryptographic filesystem for Linux.
  • Synergy - Software to manage multiple machines over multiple displays with a single keyboard and mouse.
  • Tripwire - An open source file integrity checker and IDS.
  • CRIU - A utility to checkpoint/restore a process tree.
  • WireGuard - Extra details on setting up WireGuard on Gentoo.
  • fprint - A service to access fingerprint readers.
  • iozone - A filesystem benchmarking program with lots of options.
  • CMake - A Cross platform Make tool.
  • systemd/Handbook extension - Resume where the handbook left off on using systemd.
  • Salt - A remote execution and configuration manager.
  • Gentoo Primers - Parent article for the Gentoo Primers.
  • The Meta OS Primer - A guide on creating a Gentoo-based Linux distribution.
  • The Gentoo Primer - An introduction to Gentoo.
  • The Gentoo Developer Primer - Start here
  • The Gentoo Studio Primer - Configure Gentoo for hi fidelity audio/video editing.
  • Elf Utils - Libraries and utilities to handle ELF objects (a drop in replacement for libelf).
  • Raspberry Pi 2 - An article that explains how to install Gentoo on the Raspberry Pi 2.
  • automake - GNU's build system. Used in many projects for efficient compiling.
  • Kernel hacking - An article on developing the Linux kernel with a Gentoo base.
  • kexec - A set of kernel hacking tools for the Linux kernel.
  • File POSIX Capabilities - An article on getcap and setcap and other related goodies.
  • Catalyst Guide - Explains how to use Catalyst...details included.
  • Gentoo Wallpapers - An article on where to find Gentoo wallpapers.
  • GParted - GNOME's partition editor.
  • gentoo.conf - Move when git stuff is done.

Requests articles

  • bzip2 A high-quality data compressor used extensively by Gentoo - In progress... ( Matthew Marchese (Maffblaster) )
  • gzip - The standard GNU compressor.
  • xz - Utilities for managing LZMA compressed files.
  • zstd - A fast compression library created by Facebook.

Gentoo Developer tools


  • ffcast - Record screencasts using ffmpeg.
  • recordmydesktop - A desktop session recorder producing OGG video/audio files.


  • top - A utility that displays Linux processes.
  • atop - A top-like interactive monitor that displays load on the Linux system.
  • htop - Another top-like clone that displays Linux processes. Explained.


Hardware testing

  • stress - A tool to stress test system hardware.
  • stress-ng - A "next generation" stress tool designed to test system hardware.
  • Phoronix Test Suite - An open source benchmarking suite.

My software

  • stager - The perfect installer for Gentoo.
  • kaudit - A python powered auditor for the Linux kernel.
  • gencache - Like aptcache, but for Gentoo.