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Description The web-apps team maintains web applications, an eclass to facilitate writing ebuilds for these packages, and the webapp-config tool.
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IRC channel #gentoo-web (webchat)
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The Gentoo web-app team maintains most web applications available via Portage. In addition, we provide the webapp-config utility that allows users to install ebuilds into different virtual hosts.

We are also responsible for the webapp.eclass that allows to prepare web applications for installation with webapp-config.


Our goal is to make Gentoo the best platform for installing and maintaining web applications. To achieve this goal, we work closely with several other projects such as Apache and PHP.


Documentation resources offered by the webapps project include:


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External resources

  • - A deprecated ebuild repository that belongs to this project. It contains applications that either lack a developer willing to maintain them in the main ebuild repository or have not been reviewed for security holes. The ebuilds (and thereby applications) available through experimental repository might compromise the security of your server!