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This page tracks a running history of my milestone task completion here on the wiki. It does not often include general editing, as they are rarely 'milestone' achievements.



Todo template created

Wiki needs a pretty primitive todo template for block section todo lists...

Perhaps something like:

{{Todo|1=First todo item.2=Second todo item.3=Third todo item.}}

{{InfoBox todo}} already exists, so really we should just have an block style template to use in different areas around the wiki (user space / user profile).

  • Item 1.
  • Item 2.
  • Item 3.

See {{Todo}}.


Create landing page for Gentoo wiki news items

Create curated list of historical wiki news items listed. Will enable people to see a better history of the wiki over time: Gentoo Wiki:News - Done!

Link PGP key ID field on wiki Developer page to keys.g.o service

Transition to PGP fingerprint to GPG key ID for Template:Developer to make keys searchable on - Done!

Here's the link to a search for PGP key ID:

Pages touched: Template:Developer, Property:Has PGP key ID, Property:PGP key ID, Form:Developer.

Packages maintained for project pages

Added link to packages maintained in project's wiki page (links to to

Packages maintained for developer user profiles

Added link to packages maintained in developer's wiki 'profile' user page (links to to



I personally did not get a lot done around the wiki because I worked a full time job during the full year of COVID-19. There has been LOTS of great progress in other places around the Gentoo ecosystem.



  • Made it impossible for non-developers to use the Developer template and impossible for the same template to apply outside of User: (2) namespace.
    • Non-developers should not have access to committing {{Developer}} to articles. This was managed with the Abuse filter. See bug #683658.
  • Create community user wiki profile helper form.




Merge accounts:


  • Adjust {{U}} template to use real name if it exists.
    • Make {{U}} more like {{Dev}} template. It should display the real name if it exists in the user's profile.
  • Review channel flags on channels that I have @ permissions in on Freenode.
    • Verify each channel by messaging chanserv with flags #channel
    • Set the +r channel mode in #gentoo-pr (webchat) to prevent unregistered users from spamming messages via: /mode #gentoo-pr +r
    • Set +iR on myself so that unregistered users cannot spam me in the global user list or spam me with messages via: /mode maffblaster +iR
  • Add 'Developer bug' link to {{Developer}} template.
  • Reword {{User}} template and Form:User to aid new user page creation (base on the {{Developer}} template).
  • Allowed GPG fingerprints to be added to user/community pages (via reworked {{User}} template).


  • Create VMs for wikitest.



  • Found documentation: I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING variable. This can can be set to a value of 1 (or any defined value) to skip pre-merge safety checks. This allows machines with below minimum mounts of disk space or memory (RAM) try to emerge an ebuild.
user $grep -r I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING /usr/portage/eclass



Foundation articles

Wikified most of the articles in the Foundation namespace. Meetings may still need some tender love and care but I'll probably never get to them; they're not important.


  • Added ebuild repository URI the {{Developer}} template (for developer profiles).


Joined the Gentoo Foundation

Joined the Gentoo foundation as a "Foundation wiki editor".

Having a developer template for referencing Ebuild repositories would be good a nice way to make our developers personal repositories more accessible.


Blog InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox blog}} template for articles that reference a project's blog:

{{InfoBox stack |{{InfoBox blog|}} }}

RootInvocation template

Created the {{RootInvocation}} template to be exclusively used to display root command invocation options.

This template can provide people with a web-based reference that can be expanded or contracted based on a single click by the user. Helpful for online command referencing and convenient so that editors do not have to specify a custom prompt and color when a root prompt is necessary to invoke the command.

Invocation template

Created the {{Invocation}} template to be exclusively used to display command invocation options.

This template can provide people with a web-based reference that can be expanded or contracted based on a single click by the user. Helpful for online command referencing.

Deprecate gdoc Infobox, replace with project Infobox

{{InfoBox project}} is really the term that should be used as the InfoBox link to Gentoo projects. Not {{InfoBox gdoc}}. :P

Article blueprints 1.1

Added Devices and Meta article blueprints.

SourceForge InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox sourceforge}} template for articles that have their upstream hosted by (pretty much now depreated) SourceForge:

{{InfoBox stack |{{InfoBox sourceforge|}} }}

Unmerge template

Created the {{Unmerge}} template for articles that reference software removal (NEVER DO THE FOLLOWING!):


Dirty article template

Created the {{Dirty}} template for articles that need cleaned up:

{{Dirty|paragraph|date=Jan 18, 2016|author=maffblaster}}

Embedded Handbook migration

Migrated the Embedded Handbook from wwwold.g.o.


Developer Handbook migration

Migrated the Developer Handbook from wwwold.g.o.

Security Handbook migration

Migrated the Security Handbook from wwwold.g.o.

Overlay InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox overlay}} template:

Move (old) Project pages

Finish moving old project pages from old site to the wiki:

Generic InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox generic}} template:

Facebook InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox facebook}} template:

Google+ InfoBox template

Created the InfoBox google+ template:

Google+ is now defunct.

Twitter InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox twitter}} template:

Manpage template

Created the {{Manpage}} template:

Man page

Article blueprints

I have created some resources found in the Gentoo Wiki: namespace that others may find helpful to speed up article creation:

Command/Concept template

Created the {{c}} template:


Bugs InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox bugs}} template:

Official documentation InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox odoc}} template:

IRC InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox irc}} template:

Deprecated (article) template

Created the {{Deprecated}} template:

As of June 19th, 2015, the information in this article has been deprecated. It may or may not be relevant for contemporary usage. Handle with care!

Guide InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox guide}} template:

Wiki rewards

I have created a reward set (Wiki rewards) for various levels of contributions. I will be personally handing these out as I see fit.

Man page InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox manpage}} template:

GitHub InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox github}} template:

GitWeb InfoBox template

Created the {{InfoBox gitweb}} template:

IRC template

Created the {{IRC}} template:

{{IRC|gentoo}}#gentoo (webchat)

Test for non-Gentoo IRC channels:

Tip template

After a discussion on IRC with a3li, I will create a another message box for a {{Tip}} MessageBox.

I really appreciated the themes in the older GuideXML format. The notes were green instead of blue there, and I miss the old color.

This is a tip.
This is a note.
This is an important message.
This is a warning message.

HOWTO article renaming

This discussion currently is ongoing on the suggestions page. Some of these articles would be better suited to have "Guide" as the sub-article.

Articles with "Configuration" in their titles

GNOME/ConfigurationGNOME/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Xorg/ConfigurationXorg/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Articles with "HOWTO" in their titles

Bugzilla_HOWTOBugzilla/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created. The main site needs text updated to "Bugzilla guide".

Conky/HOWTOConky/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Initramfs/HOWTOInitramfs/Guide - Done! A redirect has not been created.

Hardened/HOWTO_locate_and_fix_textrelsHardened/Textrels Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

LiveUSB/HOWTOLiveUSB/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

USB/HOWTOUSB/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Localization/HOWTOLocalization/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Nagios/HOWTONagios/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Openbox/HOWTOOpenbox/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Project:Translation/Translation_HOWTOProject:Translation/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Samba4 Migrating/HOWTOSamba/Samba 4 Migration Guide - Done!

Samba_AD_Centralized_authentication/HOWTO - Removed from the wiki. Nothing linked here and the page was empty.

Centralized authentication with Samba AD /HOWTOSamba/Active Directory Guide - Done!

Xfce/HOWTOXfce/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.

Zsh/HOWTOZsh/Guide - Done! A redirect has been created.