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This is the Gentoo Developer Handbook, a continuing effort to centralize development policies across Gentoo and to also outline Gentoo's development systems and procedures.

  • Introduction
    • Introduction - This section outlines the purpose of the Gentoo Developer Handbook.
    • Becoming a developer - This section aims to explain how one can become a Gentoo developer.
    • What you get - This section outlines what services are available to Gentoo developers.
    • Help for new developers - This section provides help and instructions for new developers.
    • Developer hierarchy - This section outlines the hierarchy of Gentoo Developers and development.
    • Staff member policy - This section outlines recruitment and retirement policies for Gentoo staff members.
  • Policies
    • Ebuild policy - This section outlines the ebuild policy which every ebuild in Portage must follow.
    • Etiquette policy - This section outlines the etiquette policy for Gentoo developers.

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