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This section outlines the purpose of the Gentoo Developer Handbook.


The aim of this handbook is to outline Gentoo development policies, and make you, the developer, informed of policies, standards and procedures which Gentoo considers to be core values of our development system.

This handbook is not intended to be the universal guide to everything - the opportunities open to you are endless, and as a result, this handbook is designed to teach you the principles which we think make up a good Gentoo developer - the rest is up to you!

If you are new to Gentoo development or even an old veteran and are at any stage unsure about anything, feel free to ask the gentoo-dev mailing list, or #gentoo-dev (webchat).


Before you start to tinker, it is important to have a working Gentoo installation, both for documentation and development purposes, and we also recommend that you have a good knowledge of topics covered in the ``Working with Gentoo section in the User Handbook to help you with your development work.

Most of this guide is targeted at developers, but, if you are just interested to see what makes Gentoo development work, this guide may provide some valuable insights.

The best way to get noticed [ and to possibly become a Gentoo developer! ] is to file intuitive and accurate bug reports at the Gentoo Bugzilla, with patches if possible, and to help us out with what you think would make a better Gentoo for everyone whether by providing patches for new features, submitting new ebuilds, or solving issues with existing ones.

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