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Adjust {{U}} template to use real name if it exists

Make {{U}} more like {{Dev}} template. It should display the real name if it exists in the user's profile.

Create new {{User}} template and creation form

Create new {{User}} template and form to aid creation (base on the {{Developer}}).

Resolve PPC bootloader installation instructions

Handbook probably needs to be migrated from yaboot to GRUB2. See discussion on Handbook_Talk:PPC/Installation/Bootloader.

Finish new Gentoo wallpapers

  • Add new wallpapers to www.g.o.
  • Work on getting a resize script for common supported display resolutions.
    • Consider mobile device resolutions.
  • Upload wallpapers sources (with attribution) to Gentoo's GitHub and gitweb.g.o.
  • Finish imagemagick resize script for end user reproducability.
    • See this tutorial for possible options.
    • Pseudo-code from Robin: $SRC -> parallel(for each $RESOLUTIONS[]: resample, render signet at $POS; save)

Terminology update: Overlay -> ebuild repository

Figure out how to address the following articles (man pages will also need updated):

Layman references:

  • PORTDIR_OVERLAY variable.
  • layman-overlay-maker command.

Continue work on:

Add new recentchanges bot to #gentoo-wiki


Right now I'm researching mw-bot (source).

Code for a similar recentchanges output:

$wiki $encoded_wiki_page $action $fullurl - User: $username - Summary: $summary

Waiting on a response to issue 62 to add a new wiki to the bot's @recentchanges command.

TODO: write a module to watch recent changes for sopel.

GPG fingerprints for user infoboxes

Wiki users should have a uniform way of sharing their GPG fingerprints. Developers have this done automatically on www.g.o from LDAP information. User's have no such process.

Created the following properties:

Close all open discussions in the Handbook namespace

As I continue to clean up our docs in 2017, I am rapidly working to close out all open discussions in the Handbook namespace. Will move this section to Completed tasks when finished.

Merge accounts

Someone please work on these. Someone. ANYONE?! PLEASE!!

  • GitLab - Clean up article: meld it into proper article layout/formatting according to wiki Guidelines, review for correctness.
    • Work on bringing GitLab to Gentoo. This would be of use to infra as a GitHub fall back (since GitHub isn't nicely open source).
    • Start with a Gentoo-based container (if necessary), and build from there.