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Name Sven Vermeulen
Nickname SwifT (www.g.o link)

Is active No

See About Sven Vermeulen

Personal resources

Non-merging information
User:SwifT/Wiki Tips Set of wiki commands that I too often need to look for
User:SwifT/proj2wiki Information on converting project 2 wiki
User:SwifT/DocumentingPackagesOnTheWiki Documenting packages on the wiki
In-progress development
User:SwifT/selinuxnode Information about the SELinux node VM image
User:SwifT/dbus Info on dbus for admins
User:SwifT/selinuxcil Information and debugging of HLL and CIL with SELinux
User:SwifT/trademark Draft for new trademark license
User:SwifT/Wikified_but_not_merged_documents List of documents that are wikified but not merged on the main wiki

The following links are no longer in use and thus are free for re-use, mock-up testing, etc.


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