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This document lists the different ARM environments Gentoo has been tested on and what you can expect in terms of hardware support.

Tested Hardware

The following table lists all the tested ARM CPU's and the systems that they were found in. Generally, if the CPU is supported, then the system doesn't really matter. The generic ARM target can (in theory) run on any ARM CPU, it just won't be optimized for it.

Anything listed in [...] means it is in the works. Anything listed in (...) means it should work but no one has bother testing it.

CPU Systems Libraries Kernels
Generic ARM Any system glibc (2.4), 2.6.4+
StrongARM110 Netwinder glibc, [uClibc] (2.4), 2.6.4+


We would like to thank the following authors and editors for their contributions to this guide:

  • Mike Frysinger