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My personal collection of wiki tips for documentation development.


Acknowledging developers from

CODE Use comma-separated when needed


Table example:

My resources
Left Right
CODE Above table example
{| class="table table-striped table-condensed" style="text-align: left;" 
! colspan=2 | My resources
| Left
| Right


This is a Tip.
This is a Warning.
This is a Note.
This is an Important.


user $Cmd
root #RootCmd
user $Invocation
root #RootInvocation

Transclusion and semantics

Defining a parameter

To define a parameter, the following can be used:

CODE Adding a parameter to a page

Next, go to the defined parameter page (Parameter:Parametername) and use the proper editing (through the form) to set the right type.

Referring to a parameter

Regular referral

To just include it in text:

CODE Including parameter value
{{#show: [[Pagename]] |? parametername}}

Referral from a parent page

If the parameter is from the parent page, then use BASEPAGENAME:

CODE Including parameter from a parent page
((#show: {{BASEPAGENAME}} |? parametername}}

Meta information

Discussing changes

In order to discuss a change, on the Talk page, create an open discussion like so:

CODE Discussion template
{{InfoBox stack
|{{InfoBox talk open}}

Currently open discussions are categorized under.

To end, use InfoBox talk done.