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Add IRC web chat links to www.g.o "All IRC channels" page

Currently the IRC protocol handle (irc://) is used on www.g.o for the All IRC channels page. Many in our community may not prefer to use IRC clients and/or would prefer to use IRC via web chat instead of a desktop or CLI client. Offering web chat links to the "All IRC channels" page on www.g.o page in addition to the IRC protocol handle will lower the barrier of entry for community members to receive real time chat support.[1] In particular, a few users on Reddit were struggling with ebuild development and had questions about the devmanual. It would be great to help them attain better accessibility to help via browser based real time web chat. The wiki already has a solution for this using the IRC template. [2]

Bug #

Fix broken news item links for www

Links to news items posted on www.g.o, such as the bash completion news item on the Bash/Installing completion files article, eventually end up being removed when they get purged out of the gentoo:: ebuild repository. For reference sake, I think items should persist on www.

make old www content available

I'd like the old site to be referenced for historical purposes. It is available via the wayback machine.

Would it be worth re-writing/converting entries from the old site to current www?


Reddit discussion.

Discourse sources.

Ebuild primer link fixes

Basic_guide_to_write_Gentoo_Ebuilds link should probably be reworded. Perhaps "Introduction to ebuilds" would be a better title. This page is linked from www.g.o here: (under "Maintain ebuild" section).

This should be be updated to whatever for the new wiki article title ends up being...

www donations link

Move the donations button closer to the first mention here: