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The following is a semi-structured, rough device article blueprint users can copy and paste to create new device articles. In general, it follows the Wiki guidelines (review if necessary). Be aware some information provided in the blueprint may not be needed; wiki contributors know it is easier to delete unneeded content than to type out new content. These sections are typically identified with "Optional section" in the sections leading sentence.

  • Before copying it is possible to demo the Device article blueprint by going here.
Not every device article will fit into the outline of this blueprint; it is simply a rough framework to assist in article creation. Modify as needed!

Suggestion for the article's Summary field: Initial creation of the <DEVICE> article. Show it some love by improving it!

{{InfoBox stack
|{{InfoBox homepage|http://url/to/device/manufacturer's/product/homepage|header=true}}
|{{InfoBox wikipedia|DeviceArticleOnWikipedia}}

<!-- Introductory paragraph goes here. Describe the device. It is okay to mention the device's friendliness to open source drivers. Optionally, it is nice provide a nice summary of why or why not a user would want to buy this device for use with Linux. -->

== Hardware ==

=== Standard ===

{| class="table table-condensed table-striped" style="width: auto;"
! scope="col" width="15%" | Device
! scope="col" width="15%" | Make/model
! scope="col" width="10%" | Status
! scope="col" width="10%" | Vendor ID / Product ID
! scope="col" width="10%" | Kernel driver(s)
! scope="col" width="10%" | Kernel version
! scope="col" width="30%" | Notes
| USB microphone
| Blue Yeti Pro
| {{Yes|Works}}
| <code>074d:0002</code>
| snd-usb-audio (when built as a module)
| 4.4.1
| Enable kernel option <var>SND_USB_AUDIO</var> in the kernel.

== Installation ==

<!-- Write the necessary steps to get this device running in Gentoo. Try to document any special step that each user will need to reproduce on their system. Includes getting special drivers or firmware from a manufacturer's website, etc. -->

=== Firmware ===

<!--  Optional section. -->

=== Kernel ===

<!-- Show what options are necessary in the kernel in order to get all device components functional for this hardware platform. -->

{{KernelBox|title=Enable support for these hardware drivers|1=

Write menuconfig instructions here.


=== Emerge ===

<!-- Optional section. If the platform requires any user space packages or kernel patches, mention them here. -->


== Configuration ==

<!--  Explain any additional configuration or special customization for this device. Could be anything from BIOS settings to setting up a system service to manage the device. -->

=== Example 1 ===

<!-- Example: When using Pulse Audio, be sure to select this microphone an as audio source. -->

== Troubleshooting ==

<!-- Optional section to troubleshoot issues. Separate issues by best describing the error with a new section name. Remove this section and subsections if no issues are known. -->

=== Issue 1 ===

<!-- Describe the problem, then describe the solution/workaround to the problem. 

When X happens, Y is how you fix it. -->

== See also ==

<!-- Optional section to provide links to similar articles. -->

* {{See also|Article_name}}

== External resources ==

(Optional section.)

* (Link to external resources (outside the wiki) using bullet points in this section. It is common for the information in this section to full sentences that are links.)

== References ==

<!-- Optional section. Remove this section if references are not used. This section is used to cite factual information. This information is found outside the Gentoo wiki and used to back up truth claims. The actual references themselves still be littered throughout the main article. -->


<!-- Remove improper categories before publishing the article. -->

[[Category:ID devices]]
[[Category:Sound devices]]

See also