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Ideas from my Gentoo laboratory.

Services on Gentoo on Xen on RPI

Set it up.

Portage package changelog news reader thing

Software that will monitor changelogs, news, README, etc. on a per package basis and provide those changes to system admins.

For example, WireGuard support was just added to NetworkManager's nmtui interface. This is visible in in the NEWS file (the ChangeLog file seems abandoned since 2008).

This could potentially be handled in an eselect package news or even a GLEP ultimately, since each project's changelogs may be a slightly different file, and on package upgrades it would seem one of the only sane ways of dealing with the new parts is to diff the newly added text and display that in a viewer. The ebuild could define which file Portage should 'watch' for news updates, then diffs of that file could be tracked by enabling a specific Portage feature FEATURES="package-news" or some such thing.

Package build time calculator

Write code that will determine how long it takes a system to build a package, including the sum of all dependencies back to (and including) the toolchain. Think recursive qlop.

Uninstall unused packages and/or programs


The Android (at least v12) has a few nice features that are helpful to manage privacy risk via app permissions and manage disk space. The OS will routinely collect information on the frequency of how often an application is used and, if not accessed by the user, restrict privileges to the application. It also will deactivate applications that are not used in a certain time window, although it does not seem to recommend they be uninstalled to free up disk space. It would be nice to have a similar feature on Linux systems: something that can show the last time a user (root included?) accessed/ran binaries from certain packages. There may be existing projects (QUBES?) like this already that provide the same or similar features.

make localmodconfig test

Test make localmodconfig on a bloated kernel. See if it boots properly...

Ghost kernel

May be fun and challenging pproject to try to get more userspace processes running on Ghost kernel.



Keith Packard's picolibc - How to replace glibc with picolibc. See


Disk backup:

root #/sbin/ocs-sr -q2 -c -j2 -gm -gs -z2p -i 4096 -fsck-y -senc -p choose savedisk <YYYY-MM-DD>-img nvme0n1

Disk restore:

Ubuntu kernel configs


Root file system on NFS


    • /usr/src/linux/Documentation/filesystems/nfs/nfsroot.txt

Prefix under cygwin

Does Gentoo run under cygwin on Windows? This article seems to say it works...

Manual bootstrapping: User:Maffblaster/Drafts/Prefix_Cygwin


Install Funtoo.



Placeholder for commands I use to create VMs (testing).


GPU passthroughs (accelerated graphics)