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Here I have listed improvement propositions I believe will improve the over all look and feel of the wiki. Some of these ideas may eventually get posted on the Discussions article, but for now these ideas will stay here. If a proposition is accepted and the work required for the change has been done I will cross it off this list.

Add commit history for gentoo.git or guru.git to developer and user templates

Add a checkbox to developer and user forms/templates that enable the account to link to the below URL. Provides a convenient link to commit history and allows our community to more easily track the involvement and development of a certain (muh favorite!!!) developer in ::gentoo and/or ::guru ebuild repositories. - Developer template now include this "feature".

For developers, this was implemented as an extension to "Package developer" checkbox for the developer template, since email address is a required attribute for developers and the committer will always have an email address.

Automagic menuconfig display in KernelBox

Currently our {{KernelBox}} template takes a concerted and tedious effort in order to display options nicely. Editors have to manually format the text in the box to match the layout displayed in the kernel's menuconfig interface. It would be nice to have a template, (driven by JavaScript or PHP) that could take a kernel version and configuration options as input, then generate a beautiful configuration based on those inputs.


Copy to clipboard for command/code templates

We need to have a template for quickly and easily copying text to the clipboard. Clipboard.js should provide these kinds of capabilities without the need for Flash, which is excellent... it would be extremely useful for copying article blueprints, commands, or scripts directly from the wiki to be pasted into a terminal.


A few more subdomains may be necessary. Right now they are only dreams.

Subdomain Usage Hosting

Could possibly be integrated with the SSO idea
Gentoo system bus (yes, you read that correctly!). It's just an idea, but it would be neat to have a rewards system for community members and (opt in) for developers. Something that tracks their involvement and rewards them when they do things to make Gentoo a better place. For example, once a user creates three bugs that have been marked as "confirmed", a trigger will fire 'rewarding' that user (if they have opted into the project). Steam has been doing this type of thing for years. I believe a reward systems (as meaningless it might be for some) will largely boost not only community involvement, but developer involvement as well. Of course, this will only be for community members/developers that "opt in" to the program. Unknown
A site for watching live interviews of Gentoo developers and/or receiving video news. GitHub (LFS) The future home of GMN? GitHub (Jekyll) Mumble server host?


Requested articles

Finish writing all requested articles.