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This page is a work in process by Gentoo wiki contributors. Anyone is welcome to help by creating articles (listed below) that do not exist on our wiki. Join #gentoo-wiki (webchat) if you have any questions!

Please list some topics that users of the Gentoo wiki would like to see added to the Gentoo wiki. See also the Stub category index page for articles that need expansion. Many requests listed here are works in progress, so feel free to add new pages or to improve pages that are linked here. There is still much to do!

If any pages requested here are found to already exist on the wiki, please cross them off the list or remove the corresponding entry.

Before creating an article for a request on this page, it may be a good idea to check if such an article does not already exist - it could actually be this page that is out of date!

Gentoo development

Project and community

Core system

Base system


System tools and daemons

Gentoo-specific tools

Virtualization, containers, chroots, etc.

Provisioning tools

Configuration management tools


Data compression

Shell and terminal console


IRC/Chat clients


  • Apcupsd: an application for interacting with APC uninterruptible power supplies -


Server and security

Continuous integration

Static website engines

XMPP servers

Network services

Complete list