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Tread carefully...for these are the dead marshes

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bug #631430 claims links to Wikipedia default to HTTP, this is a test:

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The database will automatically unlock after dumping.

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  • A handbook dedicated to installing and configuring the amd64 architecture.


Article (if translated) will have a page subname of the translation language code:

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#66023C (actual Tyrian)

Developer status

Gentoo currently has:

  • 177 active developers.
  • 63 retired or inactive developers.

Project status

  • 178 active projects.

Supported architectures

Supported architectures: AMD64, AMD64/cs, AMD64/de, AMD64/el, AMD64/en, AMD64/es, AMD64/fr, AMD64/id, AMD64/it, AMD64/ja, AMD64/ko, AMD64/nl, AMD64/pl, AMD64/pt-br, AMD64/ru, AMD64/sr-ec, AMD64/tr, AMD64/uk, AMD64/zh-cn, Alpha, Alpha/ca, Alpha/de, Alpha/el, Alpha/en, Alpha/es, Alpha/fr, Alpha/it, Alpha/ja, Alpha/ko, Alpha/pl, Alpha/pt-br, Alpha/ru, Alpha/tr, Alpha/uk, Alpha/zh-cn, Complete AMD64 Handbook, Complete Handbook, Grknight, HPPA, HPPA/de, HPPA/en, HPPA/es, HPPA/fr, HPPA/it, HPPA/ja, HPPA/ko, HPPA/pl, HPPA/pt-br, HPPA/ru, HPPA/uk... further results

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