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Tread carefully...for these are the dead marshes

Bootstrappin it up

Updates are going to get you.

Updates are going to get you.

Once we update to 4.0:

<a class="badge badge-primary" style="background-color: #54487A; color: #FAFAFA;">Updates are going to get you.</a>



style="text-align: center; background-color:#BEB8DB; width: 5em; font-weight:bold;" id="infobox-developer" style="text-align: center; background-color:#BEB8DB; width: 20em;"
colspan="2" Maffblaster/tmp
Name Matthew Marchese
Nickname maffblaster
GPG fingerprint
B9BA 1514 FFBD AEB2 FC8C 14BA 7656 DA1B CB1E D4F1
Ebuild repository
Developer bug 546262
Is active Yes

Em div test

B9BA 1514 FFBD AEB2 FC8C 14BA 7656 DA1B CB1E D4F1

InfoBox wikipedia extra whitespace



HTTPS wikipedia link check

bug #631430 claims links to Wikipedia default to HTTP, this is a test:

DB lock test

The database will automatically unlock after dumping.

Project shortname test

Description default

  • A handbook dedicated to installing and configuring the amd64 architecture.


Article (if translated) will have a page subname of the translation language code:

Tyrian color

#66023C (actual Tyrian)

Developer status

Gentoo currently has:

  • 175 active developers.
  • 64 retired or inactive developers.

Project status

  • 179 active projects.

Supported architectures

Supported architectures: AMD64/cs, AMD64/de, AMD64/el, AMD64/en, AMD64/es, AMD64/fr, AMD64/id, AMD64/it, AMD64/ja, AMD64/ko, AMD64/nl, AMD64/pl, AMD64/pt-br, AMD64/ru, AMD64/sr-ec, AMD64/tr, AMD64/uk, AMD64/zh-cn, Alpha, Alpha/ca, Alpha/de, Alpha/el, Alpha/en, Alpha/es, Alpha/fr, Alpha/it, Alpha/ja, Alpha/ko, Alpha/pl, Alpha/pt-br, Alpha/ru, Alpha/tr, Alpha/uk, Alpha/zh-cn, Complete AMD64 Handbook, Complete Handbook, Gentoo AMD64 Handbook, Grknight, HPPA, HPPA/de, HPPA/en, HPPA/es, HPPA/fr, HPPA/it, HPPA/ja, HPPA/ko, HPPA/pl, HPPA/pt-br, HPPA/ru, HPPA/uk... further results

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