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tyrian purple dye

Welcome to Tyrian,
the unified theme!

It is named after a type of purple dye. For more information, please choose a version first. In case of doubt please refer to the Rollout Status below.

 Version 1 based on Bootstrap 3

The initial version based on Bootstrap 3 written in less. Still supported, but consider porting to version 2:

 Version 2 based on Bootstrap 4

A rewrite of the whole project based on Bootstrap 4 written in sass. Should be used for all new websites.

Rollout status

Site name URL(s) Software Tyrian v1 Tyrian v2 notes
Gentoo main website Jekyll Done Not started
in-house (html+gitweb) Done Not started
Archives in-house (ruby) Done Not started
Bugzilla Bugzilla Not started in progress
Devmanual in-house (xslt) Done. Not started
Forums phpBB Not started Not started Possibly together with phpBB 3 update
GitWeb in-house (html+gitweb) Done Not started
Infra Status in-house (ruby) Done Not started
Overlays static HTML Done Not started
Packages in-house (ruby) Done Done
Planet Pluto Done in progress
Projects in-house (html) Done Not started
QA Reports in-house (html) Done Not started
Security in-house (html) Done Not started
Sources in-house (html+viewvc) Not started Not started
Store external (Cafepress) Done Not started
Wiki MediaWiki Done Not started