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tyrian purple dye

Welcome to Tyrian,
the unified theme!

It is named after a type of purple dye. For more information, please choose a version first. In case of doubt please refer to the rollout status below.

 Version 1 based on Bootstrap 3

The initial version based on Bootstrap 3 written in less. Still supported, but consider porting to version 2:

 Version 2 based on Bootstrap 4

A rewrite of the whole project based on Bootstrap 4 written in sass. Should be used for all new websites.

Rollout status

Site name URL(s) Software Tyrian v1 Tyrian v2 notes
Gentoo main website Jekyll Done in progress
API Html Done Done
in-house (html+gitweb) Done Done
Archives in-house (ruby) Done Done
Bugzilla Bugzilla Not started in progress
Devmanual in-house (xslt) Done. in progress
Forums phpBB Not started Not started Possibly together with phpBB 3 update
GitWeb in-house (html+gitweb) Done Done
Infra Status in-house (ruby) Done Done
Mirrorstats mirmon + in-house Skipped Done
Overlays static HTML Done Done
Packages in-house (ruby) Done Done
Planet Pluto Done Done
Policy Guide Sphinx Done Not started
Projects in-house (html) Done Done
QA Reports in-house (html) Done Done
Security in-house (html) Done Done
Sources in-house (html+viewvc) Not started in progress
Store external (Cafepress) Done Not started
Wiki MediaWiki Done Not started MediaWiki's Common.css could used to test fixes for the Tyrian wiki skin, but as a rule we want to keep fixes in code instead of the RecentChanges log (see bug #832955).