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Tyrian v2
Latest release
Written in: sass

A rewrite of the whole project based on Bootstrap 4 written in sass. Should be used for all new websites.

More information about the motivation for creating Tyrian v2 can be found here.


Via npm

The latest version of the theme can be installed as npm package:

user $npm install git+

In production it is preferred to install a specific version of the theme using:

user $npm install git+

Please see the changelog for an overview of the available versions.


Precompiled assets (CSS, javascript, fonts, images) are also available via the CDN at${FILE} - for instance:

If you do need a specific version you can use${FILE} to get the version you need

Note: Please note that you don't need a bootstrap.css file when using tyrian v2 - tyrian.min.css includes the bootstrap stylesheets.




  • v2.0.0-alpha
    • First alpha release!


Link Status Description
Background Color in discussion Change the background color
Navbars in discussion Revise the navbar design
WCAG 2.1 not started yet Improve the implementation of WCAG 2.1 (at least AA)