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Developer central

This page is a landing that provides resources for Gentoo developers.

All developers should setup their wiki account:

New projects can be quickly created on the wiki:

File hosting for things that will not fit on the wiki is provided via projects.g.o:

Getting started

We have our own extensive Help page for learning more about the wiki and a Guidelines article that outlines our wiki formatting standards. If you need more on how our wiki software works feel free to swim upstream to the MediaWiki User's Guide.

Should you have any questions related to the wiki, you can always join the #gentoo-wiki IRC channel on or email us at If you think there is something we can improve please let us know on the Feedback page.


March 20, 2017: Ebuild repository on developer profiles

Developers now have the option to add an ebuild repository to their developer profile on the wiki. You can find this by editing your userspace profile via the forum.

May 05, 2015: Project pages

After the release of the new g.o site it has been determined that Project pages that have not been already migrated to the Wiki should be migrated before July 1, 2015. Any project pages not moved before then can still be accessed through

Sep 19, 2013: Project pages

Project pages can now be hosted on

To learn more, please see the relevant documentation.