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Creating a new project page

First of all, you need to decide on a URL name for your project. Keep it as simple as possible: For instance, if you are the 'Gentoo Fnord Project', call it 'Fnord'. Note the first letter will always be uppercased by the Wiki software. will be the project space of the Fnord Project with Project:Fnord as its main page.

You can add more documents to your project space. For instance you could have your project policies available under: policy

This makes the page 'Project policy' a subpage of your project space.

To edit main project pages (i.e. not subpages) you are required to use the 'Edit' and not the 'Edit source' feature. This will display forms that include basic error correction and autocompletion.

Now you're ready to create your project's main page:

Create project main page

Migration from

To migrate your project page from to the Wiki, create a project page as outlined above.

Then, look through the contents of your project directory in CVS and choose what to do with the documents:

Keep them, and move as-is to the Wiki
Use the automatically converted versions (see below) as a starting point for the new page inside your Wiki project space.
Keep them, move to the Wiki and allow users to improve documents
As above, but create the page in the main namespace (i.e. no Project:Fnord in front). Do check for existing documentation on the topic.
Delete the file in CVS.

Automatically converted documents

To help migrating contents, we provide automatically converted versions of GuideXML documents.

These are available at:<old path>. For example, if the old URL was, the converted version is available at

These automatically converted documents must be reviewed before adding to the Wiki. At the very least internal links have to be adapted.


Redirects from the old to the new URLs need to be requested from infra.

Finished migrating?

If you have finished migrating, i.e. all documents either redirect or are deleted, please go to the Project page migration status page and edit the table noting that your project is done.


A developer is not listed to be added as a member. / I added a developer in the source and it only shows garbage.
The developer in question did not properly set up their account on the Wiki. Direct them to the user setup documentation. After successful completion of the account setup, the developer can be selected. If you used the source, stop doing that.
I just added a subproject, but the project page doesn't list it. / On my user page, a newly added project doesn't show up.
The subprojects list is cached. To clear the cache, go to the upper right menu, next to 'Edit' there is a dropdown menu (with a downwards arrow), in there select 'Refresh'.
Where do I put additional files?
You can upload media files to the Wiki, where they will be editable by all users. Everything else as well as files you do not want to risk being edited should remain on for the time being. A replacement hosting arrangement will be posted in due time.
Who can edit the project pages?
Everything in the Project: namespace is only editable by Gentoo developers who have completed the account setup.
I want to let certain users edit pages.
This feature will be available in the future. To gauge interest, please let the Wiki Team know you request this feature.
How do I create subprojects?
Just like a regular project, but select your project as parent, not Project:Gentoo. Features such as inheritmembers from GuideXML project pages are not currently supported.