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Description After many years of an installer being absent from Gentoo, it is time to start work on creating a perfect Gentoo installer.
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stager is an attempt to increase the usability of Gentoo and related Linux distributions by providing an interface for users to backup and recover existing installations. It will also include the ability to install Gentoo new operating systems via configuration files.

It will be available for the amd64 architecture.


The project's goals are to aid existing Gentoo users by:

  • Creating an interface for full system backup and recovery using tarballs. (This is the first task on the list of things to accomplish in order to build the perfect installer for Gentoo.)
  • Greatly aiding the "fresh install process". stager will not remove the need for reading through the Handbook(s), but rather work along side the handbook in order to help users install Gentoo. For new users installing Gentoo is an educational process, therefore an installer should both aid in installation and help educate users.
  • Allowing developers and old-time users to focus their efforts on matters that are more important than (re)installing their favorite distribution.
  • Lowering the bar for potential Gentoo contributors (the next generation of tinkerers and software engineers) to easily get their feet wet with Gentoo as a base-development system.


Want to join the project? Have the best-idea-ever that would make the best-installer-ever? Visit the #gentoo-installer (webchat) channel on Libera.Chat IRC and message Matthew Marchese (maffblaster) .


A few people have said they'd be willing to help test when the project is ready:

Fun facts

stager was previously called "Stage7" and was being built off Andrew Gaffney's Quickstart project (which was entirely written in bash). In June, 2015 the Stage7 project was abandoned and renamed to stager in favor of a pure Python 3 installer.