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Name Adam Feldman
Nickname NP-Hardass (www.g.o link)

Packages p.g.o/ (commits)
Is active Yes
Contact info
NP-Hardass (IRC)

User info
Gentoo user since 2008
enThis user is a native speaker of English.

IRC is my preferred method of contact. I'm generally around in a wide swath of #gentoo-* channels. Don't hesitate to ping/highlight me if you need me.



I'm co-maintainer for Wine. I also maintain several Wine related applications like app-emulation/winetricks and app-emuation/playonlinux. Before the work makes it into the Gentoo repository, you can find the packages in Wine-Overlay. If you have layman, it's a simple as `layman -a wine-overlay`. An additional overlay with special experimental features for wine, wine-a-holics, available. Once again, adding this overlay is as simple as `layman -a wine-a-holics`. If you want to take advantage of additional features like ixit's Gallium Nine Direct3D9 State Tracker, or slotted wine so you can have multiple versions and configurations installed at once, then wine-a-holics is for you.

Any issues with the overlays should be directed to IRC, if possible, or email. I'm always on Freenode in #gentoo-wine, the official channel for Gentoo Wine support and development.


I'm a co-maintainer for net-fs/openafs{,-kernel}. Currently working on systemd support and gfreebsd support.


I maintain net-irc/limnoria, a pretty cool IRC bot. In fact, if you stop by on IRC, you'll see NP-HardBot, my personal Limnoria bot. This package supports Python 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4.


I maintain net-misc/teamviewer. I recently undertook a complete unbundling of the package. Now, using a wrapper to launch, and using system libraries and system wine, teamviewer provides the ability to remotely connect and share computers.