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Description The Handbook project is responsible for maintaining Gentoo's official Handbook.
Project email
IRC channel #gentoo-wiki (webchat)
Lead(s) none
Last elected: 2022-07-18
(and inherited member(s))
Parent Project Wiki
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After many essential and necessary years of service the Gentoo Documentation Project (GDP) has fulfilled its purpose.[1][2]

As a platform, the wiki has enabled every Gentoo developer (not just those in the Documentation team) and many in the community to maintain Gentoo documentation. Most of the articles produced by the former documentation team are in publicly editable namespaces.

In order to clarify who will continue to assume responsibility for the Gentoo Handbook, the Handbook project was created as a sub-project of the Wiki project. The Handbook contains Gentoo's official and crucial installation instructions, since it is risky to put official installation documentation into publicly editable namespaces.

Suggestions for Handbook improvements can be left on each section's related discussion page. Among other areas of contribution, members of the Handbook project will make it a priority to respond to these critiques.

The goals of this project are listed below.


Long term / Recurring

These goals will be with us each year:


  • Close open discussions in Handbook namespace.
  • Modernize and maintain the official Gentoo Handbook documentation in the Handbook: namespace. This task is a bit subjective, but we need to fully cover UEFI installs, NVME/M.2 devices (done!).
  • Fix/update the disk partitioning sections of the amd64 and x86 Handbooks. Cover:
  • Fix wireless network section wireless networking section. Is it even possible to use wpa_supplicant / iwd on in the official minimal and admin live media images?
  • Migrate links in the Handbook to use the new {{Link}} template for translations.
    • Mark sections with the new <span id="{section-name-in-English}"></span> for persistent linking between languages.
  • Terminology update: Live CD, Live DVD to live media image.
  • Add instructions for creating USB-based live media.
  • Add systemd-networkd instructions for basic DHCP and static IP addressing.
  • Add a section on system timer management.