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This article lists road maps from previous years and other historical information about Gentoo's PR project.

Gentoo previously had a presence on the following social silos:

Road map


  • As of April 2, 2019 Google+ (G+) has been shut down.
    • Determine any actions required due to the shutdown. - Nothing to do.


Review PR teams commitment to Gentoo's social contract

Most, if not all, of the values of the social sites the PR team handles do not line up with Gentoo's Social Contract. We want to be careful to remain in consistency with the Social Contract. Review the social contract to be sure no violations are in effect.

Ask the moderators of the Reddit to join PR

As far as the PR teams understands, the moderators of the official Gentoo subreddit group are not involved with Gentoo's PR. It would be great to either than one of them join, or have two or more active members of PR be granted top-level access to the subreddit.


Administrator access to active members across web silos

The (draft) policy states that official Gentoo accounts on social media and chat should, if possible, share administrator access with 2 or more official, active Gentoo developers. The team needs to work toward granting access to:

alicef and maffblaster would like admin level access. Done!
dilfridge and maffblaster would like top-level access (track down Alex Legler (a3li) for this). Done!
alicef and dilfridge would like top-level access. Done!