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Bug cleaners
Description The Gentoo Bug Cleaners project aims to clean up the oldest bugs in Bugzilla.
IRC Channel #gentoo-bugs
Lead(s) none
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(and inherited members)
Parent Project Quality Assurance
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The goal of the Bug cleaners project is twofold:

  • The main purpose of the project is to close bugs on Bugzilla that do no longer apply due to versions and/or packages that are no longer present in the Portage tree.
  • As a side effect, it also tries to look for solutions for the oldest bugs.

For those that still have use, it attempts to inform the persons involved in the bug that the bug is still open if the bug is important; inviting them to make a decision on it.


Queries that can be handy for finding old bugs include:

First steps

Because one cannot just rush in and go hunt at random bugs and expect people to agree with one's actions; the very first steps we will take is to raise the necessary discussion to get feedback on what the community wants us to do exactly, which clarifies the further limits and scope of the project.

Questions to be answered

We will need to get some questions answered to proceed:

  • How old is "oldest"?
  • When is a bug considered still useful?
  • Are there other types of bugs we could or need to look into?
  • Can this effort replace the Bug Day that does not receive interest lately?
  • Do we need a mail alias so we can get CC-ed on bugs? (Effectively allowing users to help as well.)
  • Do we need a mail alias so we can get assigned on bugs? (*unsure*)
  • What to do in exceptional cases? (Cannot be answered until we identified them.)

This will be discussed on the mailing lists.

This page is to be extended

We will need to document our practices and useful resources here (QA reports, good bug queries, ...)

Project's relationship to Bug wranglers

This project attempts to fit side by side with Bug wranglers, Bug wranglers is a project for bug assignment. Having a separate mail alias and project page makes it easier for people as a separate form of contact, documentation and recognition.