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There are multiple ways for getting involved with the Proxy Maintainers project:

  • When a developer stops maintaining a package, it becomes "orphaned" and gets added to the maintainer-needed list until a new maintainer comes in and claims it. You can contribute to the overall quality of the official package repository by volunteering to maintain packages from the maintainer-needed list. To adopt a maintainer-needed package, look at taking over an existing package guide.
user $portageq --orphaned # lists the packages which need a maintainer
user $qlist -Iv $(portageq --repo gentoo --orphaned # lists installed packages that need a maintainer)
  • Similarly, when a user makes a new package request by creating a bug on Gentoo Bugzilla, the bug is assigned to '' and requires a maintainer to be added to the official package repository. You have the opportunity to take responsibility for the maintainer-wanted packages and have it added to the package repository. To adopt a maintainer-wanted package, look at adding a new package guide.
  • The last way to get involved is by working alongside a developer on one of their own packages. Typically, this option is only available to the users after they have made significant contributions to the package. Users, who are interested in this option, are encouraged to contact both this project and the maintainer so that arrangements may be discussed.